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Today I love….boogie time in the car with a chef provided!

29 May

Salt and Pepper anyone?

(I actually have this set and love, love, love them!)

Anyway…..No, I don’t love boogers!!

Although I do get the unappealing experience of seeing them plenty enough lately….

But I definitely love, love, love,

boogie time in the car with the little munchkins!!!

Well, maybe one little munchkin….Mr. 7 is just too cool and perhaps not born to be a dancer I fear, ….poor little man….I believe every man needs to appreciate the groovy music and boogie down every now and again!

So, we are driving and Mr. 5 is getting down to the tunes and it even surprises me with the range and depth of different music that they either know or recognise….

Then, he starts dancing….

Which is much more truthfully described as arms and legs flailing madly but one little child who is completely and thoroughly enjoying the song on at the time. If this situation ever changes, we are both immediately told that Mr. 5 DOES NOT approve of this song and we are dutifully asked to change the tune….

And then a new song starts….

I know what it is,

I am quite sure Mr. Big knows what it is….

I reach to turn the radio up a little….

Mr. 5 wails “Don’t change this! I like this song!”

But…it’s “Another one bites the dust”….

How do you even know this damn song??

Everybody sing the chorus now….great song for the kiddies too….

Mr. Big and myself acknowledge and celebrate the fact that Mr. 5 is most definitely the dancing part of the offspring thus far produced and perhaps reflects the dancing talents of Mr. Bigs’ brother (another story altogether) but our Mr. 7 is at this point, completely and totally unimpressed with the shenanigans unfolding.

So then Mr. 7 drops the BOMB!!!

“Dad, I’ve been watching Masterchef and it’s great I really love it..tonight is Masterclass and it’s on at 7.30”

I must digress and provide you with a little background here….

Mr. Big completely and utterly hates and detests Masterchef…he only watched it for the 1st time this year because I forced him to…. he seemed to like it at the start and I secretly said “Bingo!”.

Then he came home one night and said Masterchef again?? I replied yes, of course, it’s on every single week night…and henceforth he hated it…and still does…I’ve told him he should most definitely encourage a 7 year old to like this sort of television, (and not just for my own reasons!) – it teaches the kiddies soooo much about food, patience, teamwork and individual strengths! Especially Masterclass!

So, back to the car…I was chuffed…Mr. 5 wants to dance with me and Mr. 7 wants to watch Masterchef with me and Mr. Big just wants to love me….

So I think I’m doing pretty damn well fitting into this little family I have found….everybody say awwwwwwww…..

Today I love….Dale Chihuly at Frederick Meijer Gardens….

28 May

Oh, lordy I don’t think I’ve ever seen a garden more beautiful in my life!!

I would love, love, love to visit this garden!

Frederick Meijer Gardens – a set on Flickr

Today I love….The Wine Rack – Secret bra flask

27 May

Awesome, awesome, awesome stuff!!!

Love, love, love it….

The Wine Rack – secret bra flask – ThisNext

Today I love….Newsmap

27 May

Newsmap is an application that visually reflects the constantly changing landscape of the Google News news aggregator.

A treemap visualization algorithm helps display the enormous amount of information gathered by the aggregator. Treemaps are traditionally space-constrained visualizations of information. Newsmap’s objective takes that goal a step further and provides a tool to divide information into quickly recognizable bands which, when presented together, reveal underlying patterns in news reporting across cultures and within news segments in constant change around the globe.

Newsmap’s objective is to simply demonstrate visually the relationships between data and the unseen patterns in news media.

via newsmap

Today I love….DailyLit

27 May

Free (!!) books delivered to your inbox or via RSS.

A section of each book is sent every day at the time that you specify (lunchtime reading is now sorted!)and takes less than five minutes to read!

I’ve already ordered my first book!

Let’s all go forth and get some free reading done and dusted folks!!!

DailyLit: Read books online by daily email and RSS feed

Today I love….Breakfast food decorative pillow collection

27 May

I could probably eat pancakes every day I love, love, love them that much!

But this pillow may satisfy those cravings for me….

Either that or it will make them ten times worse!!!

Breakfast food decorative pillow collection. – ThisNext

Today I love….The Scandalous Dancing Man…

27 May

Yeah baby!!

“A one night stand just ain’t enough”

Well, it definitely wouldn’t be for me with this hunk of spunk!

This song was released in 2003 and I love, love, love this dancing man!!!

(Oh woops I thought it was waaaaay before then)

When it was released, I couldn’t watch it over and over again enough times…but only from 2.55 in…where THE MAN appears!!!

Ooooh he gave me shivers all that time ago and I still get them watching this but he also gives me something else now…a little hot flush too! Old age setting in there……

I wish he was “here to rock my world”……

Do you have anyone who you wish was here to rock your world???

Send me your links of some funky dancers please readers!!!

YouTube – Scandalous

Today I love….Sex And The City In 60 Seconds

27 May

For lovers of SATC and also those who are not….

Quite a funny send up I’ve found here….and pretty spot on!!

Ahhhhhh if only we actually could have our Cosmos served in Blahniks…..

The High Definite » Sex And The City In 60 Seconds

Today I love….USB Flash Drive Cufflinks

27 May

How very cool are these little beauties???

Love, love, love anything that comes made in a smaller version like these mini usb’s!

The High Definite » USB Flash Drive Cufflinks

Today I love….We Heart It

27 May

    What is We Heart It?

  • It’s where you keep your inspirationWe Heart It lets you create an online album (a heart) with your favorite images and videos.

    At the same time you can see what other people are adding to their own hearts and save it on yours to grow your collection.

    How it works

  • Create your heartYour Heart is your personal page on We Heart It, it’s where you’ll put all the images and videos you like. Click on the “Join Us” link on the top of the page to create it.
  • Heart somethingWhen you see something you like at We Heart It, just click on the heart over the image.
    It will fill up, that means that image is on your heart now.

Inspiring images and videos recently added to we heart it / visual bookmark

Today I love….Sunshine & Lollypops!!

26 May

I love love love this song….

I also get to enjoy this song regularly lately as it is the theme song for the Target television advertisement out here in my hood!

Anytime I get down, I just think of this song and start a little happy dance like our lovely Lesley below…..

Sunshine, Lollypops – Lesley Gore

Today I love….Happy Nerd/Geek Day and Towel Day

26 May

Thanks to Biodork, I can now wish all my nerdy/geeky friends (and family!) a

Happy Nerd/Geek Day!!!!

I wonder where I can find a list of all the ‘days’ – I wonder what ‘day’ it will be tomorrow??

As for

Towel Day

Well I’m not too sure what that is but I wish a happy towel day to all anyway!!!

Today I love….Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

25 May

What a great idea to encourgae reading in our kids!

I just wish it was available in my country dammit!

Go Dolly!!

Welcome to Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

Today I love….Lazyness….

25 May

Erin Said So has read my mind!!

“I’m a lazy gal that’s trying not be. So I make things.”

That’s part of why I started this blog – to give me some purpose in my lazy little life….

I also have an ongoing and endless urge to make things (being a crafty person all my life) but I seriously need to re-organise my life before I can start making the things that constantly crop up in my brain…..I need to get rid of my clutter and make some space so my head can think and I can move around a little crafty space at the same time! Clutter drives me insane but I am the queen of it, unfortunately.

My mother always taught me to think of a purchase as a want or a need and if I didn’t need it, don’t buy it – fat lot of bloody good that did for me!!

I need to buy all this stuff:

Recovering Lazyholic by erinsaidso on Etsy

I love her 12 steps plan for avoiding lazyness as well:

12 Steps

Today I love….Giving Whales A Voice!

25 May

Let’s all try and close the loophole on commercial whaling which still allows for about 2500 whales a year to be hunted and killed!!

If we all join in we may be able to put a stop to this once and for all!!!

Give Whales A Voice | With our voices combined, anything’s possible

Today I love….Food dropped on the floor

24 May

I have a funny obsession with flow charts

I love making them,

I love following them and

I love laughing at the possibilities of them.

Flow charts can make your life so easy by making a decision for you or telling you which path to take!

This one is just brilliant!

We have a two second rule in our house that I may just extend to the five minute mark thanks to some ground breaking research from these dudes!

You Dropped Food on the Floor.Do You Eat It? – San Francisco Restaurants and Dining – SFoodie

Today I love…The Egg cuber

24 May

I have a serious case of deja vu here…..

I am so sure I have seen one of these before –

Whether it was at my house or grandparents or great-grandparents I do not know….

I just had to share this lovely little vintage ad with you all…..

I don’t remember how easy the egg was to remove…

but I would guess it would be pretty “HARD”!!!

Oh, ha ha I “cracked” myself up there….

OK I’ll stop it now….

Egg cuber

Today I love….The Gilded Lily

24 May

This pendant makes me smile…..

On a day when I look around and see rain, rain and more bloody rain!!!

TREE OF FLOWERS Colorful Scrabble Tile Pendant by thegildedlily

Today I love…Suck UK

24 May

If I had a million bucks I would buy everything on this site!!!

Love the design, love the ideas, love the laughs….

These products will give you endless entertainment and conversation starters….


Today I love….Ice Skating Birdies!!!

24 May

It is winter in my part of the big wide world and one of my friends has a bird bath in her garden.

Yesterday morning was one of the iciest and coldest mornings we have had lately….

Picture source

So my friend was up early to hit the markets

(yes, without me and I wasn’t complaining either – I was nice and toasty in bed, thanks!)

and on leaving the house, discovered her bird bath had frozen over!! Not quite like this one:

But a sheet of thin ice was now present on the water and I couldn’t help thinking of the lovely little birdies coming to visit, putting their teeny weeny skates on….and then zipping around the ice!!!

And lo and behold, I found them!!!

Is anyone else aware that you can actually buy a bird-bath heater? What will they think of next? It’s a worry……

You wouldn’t want to make a mistake, set it too high and boil the little birdie! Oh, Catrina shame on you for even thinking that!

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