Dodgem cars, many Markets and Mini Donuts!

3 May

We went to a number of markets on the weekend –

Bundoora Farmers Market, Thomastown Sunday Market and good ole Pipeworks.

At Bundoora, I was not happy to see the queue for the Gozleme spinach and cheese (savoury traditional Turkish hand made and hand rolled pastry) so I consoled myself with some lovely little hot fresh and spongy mini dounts which were 14 for only $4.50 which I thought was quite a nice bargain. I was enthralled just watching them come off the mini donut machine and think it would be a great addition to my already chock a block kitchen! No way….

Then on a further trip around the stalls, I spotted some people walking with wonderful looking and humungus turkish breads under one arm so I searched and then we found the stall with the bread to die for! I bought the most beautiful soft and spongy pizza bases with tomato paste and lo and behold what is this I see – is that a spinach and cheese pastry?? Yes, yes, yes and it’s all mine!! So I finally got my spinach and cheese and after heating it up and devouring it later on at home, I was very impressed on discovering the onion inside as well and will definitely be returning to claim another one at the next market which cannot come along quickly enough now! The lovely stall holder saw the little munchkins and on inquiring if they were mine I lied and said yes and he gave us a free pizza base!! So that’s two bases for $2.50! Yes, they are very cute kids. Shop keepers seem to like them a lot and they pick up freebies all the time so if I hang with them I’m sure I’ll be looked after! I don’t think I can do the bases justice but I’ll try and take a pic of them tonight. I think it will look like this¬† when cooked:

Image courtesy of Dinner with Julie

Thomastown trash n treasure market is another little treasure trove all on it’s own. We found a very well restored bike for Mr.7 for only $20 and some farm fresh eggs for me as the queue was too long to wait for these at Bundoora. Then I was fighting the urge the whole time, but had to give in and succumb to the dirty hot chips but immediately regretted this as they had no vinegar and the amount of salt on the chips was obscene and I actually felt quite ill from them. Anyway, back in the car (dying of thirst at this stage due to said hot chips) and off we went to Pipeworks next.

We went to Pipeworks specifically to give the little munchkins (boys 4 & 7) a ride on the dodgem cars but I also like browsing all the cheap clothes and homewares. Mr Big and I both like the trash n treasure so we always take a trip in there. You never know what we’ll find and I am always on the lookout for old shoe making equipment or a neglected/vintage Blythe doll just waiting for me to come along and take her home with me! A girls gotta dream…..After the delectable mini donut experience at Bundoora, I now regret not buying the donut maker I found at the pipeworks trash n treasure market! I hope it will still be there next time we go or I may have to just ebay it to me! The dodgems were much more fun that I first thought they would be and all over too quickly. We discussed it later and Mr.Big and I both agreed we had lots of fun and it was years since we both got in a dodgem car so it was well worth it.


On the baked churro experiment – I had churros for dessert Friday night then mini donuts on Sunday.

My hips would simply not allow me to move far enough to get into the kitchen to try making the churros!

Next weekend, folks.

Stay tuned.

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