I almost burnt the house down today! Whilst naked! Yes, naked…

3 May

Damn it was Monday…get up, get ready, go to work…..

I owe, I owe, it’s off to work I go!!

But we had some excitement in the house this morning – well, I did anyway….

I turned the heater on and went for a shower….situation all normal there….

Got out of the shower, applied body moisturiser, started to get dressed – Oh my lord….


My flatmates are asleep in the house;

Oh no and (&(&^^$%$#$##%^&*&

I am naked in the bathroom…I suddenly have visions of myself

NAKED….having to run down the street because I have set my house on fire!!!

I grab a towel, attempt to throw it around my body and run out the bathroom door – my dog is there giving me the “what the hell is going on woman” look and I sprint to the kitchen – no smoke here….hmmmm… run to the lounge room (not actually that far away that I can physically run) but I did attempt a hop and a skip there! Gee, there is a funny smell in this here lounge room….maybe I’ll just turn the heater off. Check surrounding area for burning/smouldering material and all clear…no other signs of smoke or burning anywhere in house….

I am at this point mystified and standing in my towel…

Return to the bathroom to get dressed; I put on a face….

while pondering the above events…..

Ah ha!!

“Light bulb goes CLICK!”

Unbeknownst to me, the fan on the heater had been switched off

at some point over the weekend while I was away from home.

The prehistoric gas heater I (am so privileged to) own

obviously will not run properly without the fan on….

Note to self – don’t turn the heater on without checking the fan is on as well

and especially don’t try to get naked without the fan on!

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