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Chickie the shy chicken by joojooland on Etsy

4 May

***love love love***

all the products from joojooland

and want to buy all of them now!!!

Chickie the shy chicken by joojooland on Etsy

Whales in love by joojooland on Etsy

4 May

Everybody say awwwwww……

Whales in love by joojooland on Etsy

By Order of the Management – Etsy find

4 May

I think these signs would be quite handy for

Mr Big to have in the little munchkins rooms….

By Order of the Management Set of 4 Small Prints by johnwgolden

Giddy Spinster on Etsy

4 May

So totally





*** love love love ***

I am

So totally





going to try and make some of these….

I am a qualified shoemaker but I don’t think that will

really help me much here….we’ll see….

stay tuned, folks….

giddyspinster dreamy things by giddyspinster on Etsy

Hairy Sock

4 May

Great name, great (very original) products….

Hairy Sock Garden Glam

4 May

ⓛⓞⓥⓔ ⓛⓞⓥⓔ ⓛⓞⓥⓔ

the little Mint pot!!! Crafty Chica Challenge: Garden Glam

These are a few of my favourite things – Part 1 – Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens……….

4 May

These are a few of my favourite things  – Part 1

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens……….

(And some cute wittle bunnies!)

And this cos I just love love love him soooo much!!!!

Toyota iReal Is A Wheelchair On Steroids – Geekologie

4 May

Finally, the back to the future era is arriving!!

Love love love this new car concept from Toyota!

Toyota iReal Is A Wheelchair On Steroids – Geekologie

Rain, rain; Go away!

4 May

It just started raining really heavily in my area and lo and behold

by pure coincidence this is the next pic I found on the interweb:

Very cute!

I love toadstools!!!

4 May

I love toadstools (red and white spotted mushrooms),

perhaps as much as I love Gnomes…..

Why? I hear you ask…I do not know….

Here is a wonderful pic I found today….

Source: Picture of the Day

And some others from

And this one just cos I thought it was really cute:

What The F*#@ Should I Make For Dinner?

4 May

Awesome site and quite self explanatory….

With vegetarian options….

“Giggle, giggle”

What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner?

Ingenious Cardboard Packaging

4 May

A waste reducing package?

No way! I hear you all say……

Brilliant design and great for when you have

absolutely zero talent for wrapping items (like me!)

Ingenious Cardboard Packaging Folds to Fit Parcels of Any Shape | Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World

Today I love….Honey Ice Cream

4 May

A great little recipe I have found on one of my fave food blogs:

Machine-free honey ice cream

Serves 6

If you’ve always been a bit disappointed by icy semifreddo and other machine-free frozen desserts I feel your pain. But trust me – even after sitting in the freezer for 24 hours this baby is creamy, smooth, soft and seriously good – not an icicle in sight.

Delicious as a desert on it’s own, it would also be brilliant in all those places that ice cream works so well – with hot chocolate pudding, apple crumble, bread and butter pudding. Yum. The only thing is that it is quite strongly honey flavoured which is great in most cases but could be a little overpowering as an accompaniment to something like a passionfruit souffle.

When I find a vanilla machine-free ice cream that lives up to real ice cream texture, I’ll ditch the machine. Until then – enjoy this little treat.

1/2C (180g or 6oz ) honey

300mL (1 1/4C) double (heavy) cream

300mL (1 1/4C) pouring (single) cream

Place honey in a small saucepan and warm over a medium heat until really runny. Remove from the heat. Stir though double cream until smooth.

Whisk cream until it starts to thicken and form soft peaks. Fold whipped cream through the honey mixture and place in a freezer proof container. Freeze until you’re ready to eat – give it at least 4 hours.

For individual portions line 1/2C capacity little glasses, ramekins, or cups with cling wrap and divide mixture between. Freeze for at least 3 hours.

via how to setup a minimalist kitchen part 1 – things to avoid.

LEGO Head Lamp

4 May

Very cute, but completely useless for me….

Unless I have a power failure…..

Or the need to crawl around somewhere in the dark….

I don’t see that happening in the near future at all…

“Fingers and toes crossed”

LEGO Head Lamp

Etsy Find of the Day – Woodland Belle

4 May

I love love love these products!!!

Added to the wishlist…..

Buy here folks:

Tiny Woodland Terrarium Mushroom and Blue Morpho by WoodlandBelle

Cute toilet doors – who would have thought!!!???

4 May

What a great idea and oh so cutesy!!!

I love these doors…….

From here: ShareSomeCandy: think simple act simple


4 May

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