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Today I love…. ♫ Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators ♫

15 May

We all love a good conspiracy….especially me!

But oh it makes such a difference when you actually care about the subject….

I wonder what the world would think if even half or

only a quarter of what these people below have discovered is true? Just think!

Personally, I grew up loving MJ and all his music.

I won’t go into guilty or not here as there is no point;

I believe people by now have their own firm views on either his guilt or innocence.

All that matters in my opinion is that the man was an extraordinary talent and he changed our music world.

I am truly and horrifyingly fascinated with the work done by Souza and Mo from MJ Death Hoax Investigators (they are not even MJ fans!!!??) and their site was the first that really made me think there could actually be something to this….THEN if you google ‘mj conspirancy’ – my god! There is definitely something going on out there……

**Cue Jaws theme tune**

♫ Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators ♫

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