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Today I love….Dogs Balls!!

16 May

Oooooh and ahhhhh………..

Our puppies are just so precious!!!

So Mr. Bigs’ family has a puppy….a 6 month old border collie x staffy…..

Here she is at six weeks….

The puppy is not very well trained, but he belongs to Mr. Bigs’ older brother and THAT is another story altogether….

Anyway, the puppy – Samantha (yes, a very nice name for a very lovely dog)

has discovered that the round squishy thing

gets thrown again and again and again when it gets returned and given back to the human thing….

After a while this distracting and never-ending process all starts to wear on Mr.Bigs’ poor Ma who does the chores of  Mr. Bigs’ brother – diligently loving, feeding, walking, playing with and training Samantha the princess (read/edit= tart) and who will also throw and throw and throw the ball for the dog when it is returned.

So this evening while sharing cuppas, chats and fun with the family and dramas (another story, stay tuned….) with the little munchkins,

I questioned Mr. Bigs’ Mother regarding the number of tennis balls present

on the table before us both….

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6!!???

Eventually I discover that she has had enough and is totally over throwing the ball, so said ball gets placed on the table and is retired.

Samantha disappears out to the back yard and returns in a few minutes with another tennis ball.

Said ball is placed on the table and hence is now in retirement.

This process is repeated numerous times.

We now have the 6 balls in retirement on the table.

We are then made aware of the presence of a

(complete whole and full!!!)

bucket of balls sitting in the back yard shed where Samantha is returning to and gaining her pleasure from!

The poor puppy eventually gives up and realises that play time is now over.

But a very funny and jovial time was had with some dogs balls today!!!

I really don’t think play time is ever over for puppies….And it shouldn’t be I say!!!

My poor puppy who is now 12 years old is still totally kicking it

(albeit quite tired lately!)

but I dread and will be so damn sad when

the day comes where I will never have his balls on my table again.

Love you wongtime (eternity) my wittle Jeffy……

Today I love….What a Unazukin can do for you….

16 May

My package arrived today and I am overjoyed and beyond belief at how cool these tiny things really are!

A hit with the kids, but also the big ones as well….

In one night, they have already given us lots of belly laughs and provide some intriguing insights….

Ask the Unazukins anything and they will be your oracle!!!

I promise I will do a video of my three little poppets when the time allows….

This video is a good example but I think I can do better….

This is a Unazukin!

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