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Today I love…..My One Cup Coffee Brewer….

18 May

One thing I loathe (and not love) is instant coffee!!

A while ago, Harris Coffee had a promotion to get a free one cup coffee brewer/dripper thingy and I have used mine religiously ever since I got it. It makes me drink less coffee as I am getting a real caffeine hit!

This one below is similiar to mine and I highly recommend it if you enjoy drinking REAL coffee…

Peter’s of Kensington | Bodum – Coffee Solo Set One Cup Coffee Brewer

Sorry this post is short…I tried to press this…lost the draft, then forgot the truly brilliant words I composed and cracked the s%&^# as it is too late and I am too tired!!! Only human…..

Today I love….Danbo

18 May

Some great Danbo pics on flickr and even more popping up around the web lately….my friend got one the other day so I am now sourcing a supplier to import the little men so you all can love them just as much as me!!!

What is a Danbo?

“This toy cardboard robot named Danbo was commissioned by Amazon Japan from Azuma Kiyohiko, the creator of the manga character Yotsuba-chan who lives with her adoptive work-at-home dad, and whose happy-go-lucky adventures are recounted in the popular serial, Yotsubato/Yotsuba&___. [You can read Chapter 28, Yotsuba to Danbo in English. Remember, it goes right to left.]”


Life of Danbo – Visboo

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