Today I love….My fugly Winter Jumper….

19 May

Prepare yourselves for the absolute disgusting horridness that is… favourite winter jumper!!!

Mr. Big says it looks like it comes from Dr. Spocks’ wardrobe!

Which = complete and utter unattractiveness to him…hilarious stuff!

Anyway, I wish it was a different colour….maybe one day in my perfect life I will dye it….

But I love my fugly jumper…after work, a nice hot shower and jumping into this loveliness

just makes me feel so much better!

Let’s look at some other priceless fugly gems!

This one speaks for itself….

This one gave me a big belly laugh!

Something a little more modern, perhaps??

Oh, dear me….surprisingly I couldn’t find that many fugly jumpers on the interweb….

So I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours!!! Share, lovelies, share…that’s what our mothers taught us to do!!!


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