Today I love….Ice Skating Birdies!!!

24 May

It is winter in my part of the big wide world and one of my friends has a bird bath in her garden.

Yesterday morning was one of the iciest and coldest mornings we have had lately….

Picture source

So my friend was up early to hit the markets

(yes, without me and I wasn’t complaining either – I was nice and toasty in bed, thanks!)

and on leaving the house, discovered her bird bath had frozen over!! Not quite like this one:

But a sheet of thin ice was now present on the water and I couldn’t help thinking of the lovely little birdies coming to visit, putting their teeny weeny skates on….and then zipping around the ice!!!

And lo and behold, I found them!!!

Is anyone else aware that you can actually buy a bird-bath heater? What will they think of next? It’s a worry……

You wouldn’t want to make a mistake, set it too high and boil the little birdie! Oh, Catrina shame on you for even thinking that!

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