Today I love….Lazyness….

25 May

Erin Said So has read my mind!!

“I’m a lazy gal that’s trying not be. So I make things.”

That’s part of why I started this blog – to give me some purpose in my lazy little life….

I also have an ongoing and endless urge to make things (being a crafty person all my life) but I seriously need to re-organise my life before I can start making the things that constantly crop up in my brain…..I need to get rid of my clutter and make some space so my head can think and I can move around a little crafty space at the same time! Clutter drives me insane but I am the queen of it, unfortunately.

My mother always taught me to think of a purchase as a want or a need and if I didn’t need it, don’t buy it – fat lot of bloody good that did for me!!

I need to buy all this stuff:

Recovering Lazyholic by erinsaidso on Etsy

I love her 12 steps plan for avoiding lazyness as well:

12 Steps


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