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Today I love….Sunshine & Lollypops!!

26 May

I love love love this song….

I also get to enjoy this song regularly lately as it is the theme song for the Target television advertisement out here in my hood!

Anytime I get down, I just think of this song and start a little happy dance like our lovely Lesley below…..

Sunshine, Lollypops – Lesley Gore

Today I love….Happy Nerd/Geek Day and Towel Day

26 May

Thanks to Biodork, I can now wish all my nerdy/geeky friends (and family!) a

Happy Nerd/Geek Day!!!!

I wonder where I can find a list of all the ‘days’ – I wonder what ‘day’ it will be tomorrow??

As for

Towel Day

Well I’m not too sure what that is but I wish a happy towel day to all anyway!!!

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