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Today I love….The Wine Rack – Secret bra flask

27 May

Awesome, awesome, awesome stuff!!!

Love, love, love it….

The Wine Rack – secret bra flask – ThisNext

Today I love….Newsmap

27 May

Newsmap is an application that visually reflects the constantly changing landscape of the Google News news aggregator.

A treemap visualization algorithm helps display the enormous amount of information gathered by the aggregator. Treemaps are traditionally space-constrained visualizations of information. Newsmap’s objective takes that goal a step further and provides a tool to divide information into quickly recognizable bands which, when presented together, reveal underlying patterns in news reporting across cultures and within news segments in constant change around the globe.

Newsmap’s objective is to simply demonstrate visually the relationships between data and the unseen patterns in news media.

via newsmap

Today I love….DailyLit

27 May

Free (!!) books delivered to your inbox or via RSS.

A section of each book is sent every day at the time that you specify (lunchtime reading is now sorted!)and takes less than five minutes to read!

I’ve already ordered my first book!

Let’s all go forth and get some free reading done and dusted folks!!!

DailyLit: Read books online by daily email and RSS feed

Today I love….Breakfast food decorative pillow collection

27 May

I could probably eat pancakes every day I love, love, love them that much!

But this pillow may satisfy those cravings for me….

Either that or it will make them ten times worse!!!

Breakfast food decorative pillow collection. – ThisNext

Today I love….The Scandalous Dancing Man…

27 May

Yeah baby!!

“A one night stand just ain’t enough”

Well, it definitely wouldn’t be for me with this hunk of spunk!

This song was released in 2003 and I love, love, love this dancing man!!!

(Oh woops I thought it was waaaaay before then)

When it was released, I couldn’t watch it over and over again enough times…but only from 2.55 in…where THE MAN appears!!!

Ooooh he gave me shivers all that time ago and I still get them watching this but he also gives me something else now…a little hot flush too! Old age setting in there……

I wish he was “here to rock my world”……

Do you have anyone who you wish was here to rock your world???

Send me your links of some funky dancers please readers!!!

YouTube – Scandalous

Today I love….Sex And The City In 60 Seconds

27 May

For lovers of SATC and also those who are not….

Quite a funny send up I’ve found here….and pretty spot on!!

Ahhhhhh if only we actually could have our Cosmos served in Blahniks…..

The High Definite » Sex And The City In 60 Seconds

Today I love….USB Flash Drive Cufflinks

27 May

How very cool are these little beauties???

Love, love, love anything that comes made in a smaller version like these mini usb’s!

The High Definite » USB Flash Drive Cufflinks

Today I love….We Heart It

27 May

    What is We Heart It?

  • It’s where you keep your inspirationWe Heart It lets you create an online album (a heart) with your favorite images and videos.

    At the same time you can see what other people are adding to their own hearts and save it on yours to grow your collection.

    How it works

  • Create your heartYour Heart is your personal page on We Heart It, it’s where you’ll put all the images and videos you like. Click on the “Join Us” link on the top of the page to create it.
  • Heart somethingWhen you see something you like at We Heart It, just click on the heart over the image.
    It will fill up, that means that image is on your heart now.

Inspiring images and videos recently added to we heart it / visual bookmark

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