Today I love….The Scandalous Dancing Man…

27 May

Yeah baby!!

“A one night stand just ain’t enough”

Well, it definitely wouldn’t be for me with this hunk of spunk!

This song was released in 2003 and I love, love, love this dancing man!!!

(Oh woops I thought it was waaaaay before then)

When it was released, I couldn’t watch it over and over again enough times…but only from 2.55 in…where THE MAN appears!!!

Ooooh he gave me shivers all that time ago and I still get them watching this but he also gives me something else now…a little hot flush too! Old age setting in there……

I wish he was “here to rock my world”……

Do you have anyone who you wish was here to rock your world???

Send me your links of some funky dancers please readers!!!

YouTube – Scandalous


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