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Today I love….boogie time in the car with a chef provided!

29 May

Salt and Pepper anyone?

(I actually have this set and love, love, love them!)

Anyway…..No, I don’t love boogers!!

Although I do get the unappealing experience of seeing them plenty enough lately….

But I definitely love, love, love,

boogie time in the car with the little munchkins!!!

Well, maybe one little munchkin….Mr. 7 is just too cool and perhaps not born to be a dancer I fear, ….poor little man….I believe every man needs to appreciate the groovy music and boogie down every now and again!

So, we are driving and Mr. 5 is getting down to the tunes and it even surprises me with the range and depth of different music that they either know or recognise….

Then, he starts dancing….

Which is much more truthfully described as arms and legs flailing madly but one little child who is completely and thoroughly enjoying the song on at the time. If this situation ever changes, we are both immediately told that Mr. 5 DOES NOT approve of this song and we are dutifully asked to change the tune….

And then a new song starts….

I know what it is,

I am quite sure Mr. Big knows what it is….

I reach to turn the radio up a little….

Mr. 5 wails “Don’t change this! I like this song!”

But…it’s “Another one bites the dust”….

How do you even know this damn song??

Everybody sing the chorus now….great song for the kiddies too….

Mr. Big and myself acknowledge and celebrate the fact that Mr. 5 is most definitely the dancing part of the offspring thus far produced and perhaps reflects the dancing talents of Mr. Bigs’ brother (another story altogether) but our Mr. 7 is at this point, completely and totally unimpressed with the shenanigans unfolding.

So then Mr. 7 drops the BOMB!!!

“Dad, I’ve been watching Masterchef and it’s great I really love it..tonight is Masterclass and it’s on at 7.30”

I must digress and provide you with a little background here….

Mr. Big completely and utterly hates and detests Masterchef…he only watched it for the 1st time this year because I forced him to…. he seemed to like it at the start and I secretly said “Bingo!”.

Then he came home one night and said Masterchef again?? I replied yes, of course, it’s on every single week night…and henceforth he hated it…and still does…I’ve told him he should most definitely encourage a 7 year old to like this sort of television, (and not just for my own reasons!) – it teaches the kiddies soooo much about food, patience, teamwork and individual strengths! Especially Masterclass!

So, back to the car…I was chuffed…Mr. 5 wants to dance with me and Mr. 7 wants to watch Masterchef with me and Mr. Big just wants to love me….

So I think I’m doing pretty damn well fitting into this little family I have found….everybody say awwwwwwww…..

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