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Today I love….Frosty bits

29 Jun

Well, not really…but there sure is a lot to look at in my town today!!

If Melbourne doesn’t get above 10 degrees for the day it will be the coldest day in 2 years… was warmer at midnight last night than it is now at 3pm!

The weather in Melbourne has remained at 7.7 degrees, wind chill factor still around 9 degrees….


When it gets warmer,we will all be whinging about it being too hot so it’s lucky we now have our own icerink too!

Melbourne Icehouse

Which was officially opened by our most famous ice skater, Steven Bradbury who has his name on a rink there!

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – MARCH 30: Salt Lake 2002 gold medallist Steven Bradbury speaks at the launch of the Olympic Winter Institute (OWI) of Australia’s new home at the Ice House on March 30, 2010 in Melbourne, Australia.

Today I love….Sonic Fabric

29 Jun


My car still has a tape recorder and no cd installed….but I kinda like it!

It brings back great memories of all those terrible songs I apparently used to listen to…and my ice cube days…oh dear me…

Im takinit back to the old school

Cause Im an old fool whos so cool …if u want to get down, I‘m a show you the way…

Whoomp, there it is!

However, for those of you with boxes of classic old tapes lying in your garage, please feel free to donate them to my car cause and send them my way or…..

What a clever little poppet this person is…..

Fabric woven from recycled cassette tapes…

That actually plays sound while you wear it!

I had no idea when I first conceived of this project that the fabric would be
“listenable”… the point for me was just to get as many of my all-time favorite sounds onto the recording. So I made a collage of layered samples from my collection using an analog 4-track recorder. When you run the tape head over the fabric you are reading 4 or 5 strands of tape at once … in other words, 16 or 20 tracks all mixed together. It sounds kind of like scratching a record backwards or radio static.

• sonic fabric •

Today I love….Saving our Native Forests

29 Jun

This is a once in a generation opportunity to protect our native forests.

But to do that we have to let the forestry industry and Australian governments at all levels know we are serious about reform.

That begins with a massive sign up to these two core Forestry Principles:

  1. A swift transition of industrial logging out of our native forests and to our plantations.
  2. Establishing ‘protected areas’ for all of our high conservation value native forests.

Add your name to the call for protection, by signing up below.

GetUp! Campaign Actions

Today I love….Tamberrah Cottages

29 Jun

Last weekend, I got to visit my lovely friends in Paynesville (yes, it was freeeeezing!) and we took a drive out to Tamberrah Cottages.

The photo above simply does not do the place justice. It was beautifully laid out and if it was a nicer day I could have sat there all afternoon. We will have to go back when they are open for dinner one night next time I am down there.

I think I will have to seriously consider that I begin saving my pennies as this is a perfect place for a wedding! (No, folks there is nothing on the cards but I’ll need to start saving now anyway!) If you are looking for a wedding venue, you won’t be disappointed here!

Nestled on three acres of gardens with a beautiful trout filled, stone-walled lake spanned by a charming foot bridge. Quality and comfort are apparent from the time you approach the entry. With a magnificent hand cut post and rail fence, which draws you to the welcoming stonewall entry.

Tamberrah Cottages is the perfect location to use as a base to discover East Gippsland, the Lakes and Wilderness area, Alpine High Country and East Gippsland Rail Trail.

If you fancy a spot for a relaxing weekend away, then this is the place to be. Tamberrah Cottages is a beautiful location with three acres of landscaped gardens to enjoy.

We have our own Pizza Cafe and you can relax around the beautiful hand-crafted water wheel which overlooks a trout filled lake. Or enjoy coffee and cake – Devonshire Tea. If Pizza is not your fancy we have a fully equipped outdoor entertaining area with BBQ facilities.

All of our cottages are fully self-contained, with TV, DVD players, for those cosy nights to enjoy with wine and chocolates that are provided. Many couples have celebrated their wedding vows with family and friends in this tranquil setting. For a delightful weekend away, come and see for yourself.

via Tamberrah Cottages – Tambo Upper.

Today I love….Back to the 80’s

29 Jun

Oh, look at this! A child of the 80’s I am and this speaks volumes to me about the era!

I love love love it but I’d probably never ever use it!

Women’s Present,Cute Magic Cube Bag Handbag Purse A17 – eBay (item 180488316862 end time Jun-29-10 06:03:33 PDT)

Today I love….Dreaming of Hermès

29 Jun

I love love love these bags!

Not only for the look of them but I once saw a documentary on the making of the Birkin…and they are hand crafted with love and lots of lovely leather! They are made to last a lifetime, but are they worth this much moola!!???

I wish wish wish I could love love love this bag in the flesh!!

Hermès Birkin Bag on eBay for $77,999 – StyleList

Today I love….Manuka Honey Balm

24 Jun

Yes folks!

Miracles can and do happen….

Mr. Big came home from work the other night and told me about his mates’ girlfriend who uses Manuka Honey to control her eczema.

Background info: I have been an eczema sufferer on various parts of my body all of my life and just in the past month or two, I have had it worse than ever and now it is uncontrollable and everywhere all over my body!

I was getting to the point where I was resigned to my fate of having to control the eczema on my hands and that was ok I could just cope with that…then I get this horrible flare up everywhere!

I have therefore been forced to try everything and resort to desperate measures…..So after Mr. Big conveyed this information to me, one of these desperate measures we now undertake on a nightly basis is coating the affected area with Manuka Honey and walking around sticking to my clothing all evening. Very uncomfortable and quite irritating to the skin as well. Stuff that! But, it worked. Even after a day, I could see the improvement and then after 3 days it is almost all gone!

Then after googling the benefits of Manuka Honey, I found a wonderful product that seems to do the same thing without all the stickyness of the honey! HOORAY!

Honey you can wear…..

I am in the process of becoming a distributor for this wonderful product so that i can bring some relief to other poor skin suffering people like myself! So, if you want to purchase, please send me an email or leave a comment below… can also of course, buy directly from the manufacturer online.

This quote below SOLD it for me…..

“The eczema on my body is 90% gone and I have only been using

Manuka Honey Balm for two weeks. It is so comfortable to wear.”

A new formula, one with layers of activity through micro science, brings you  this living product like a liquid skin.
• Anywhere you want new skin, apply Manuka Honey Balm
• Manuka Honey Balm is “Honey You Can Wear”
• For total skin resuscitation
It is a light, easy to wear balm that hydrates the skin like no other product. We use only Active Manuka Honey and Jelly Bush Honey, organic and pure unheated liquid gold from the hive.
Honey is the most powerful skin repairer known to man. Honey has powerful
skin preserving properties.



Now you can apply Manuka Honey Balm and get dressed for work or wear it to bed at night … no residue, it completely absorbs.

The Active Manuka Honey will be working 24 hours a day to resuscitate and support your needy skin.

There is
Cream Like It

Active Jellybush Honey is our Australian equivalent to the
New Zealand Active Manuka Honey.
We add to this pure unheated oils of Apricot Kernels, almonds, with a blend of rare and precious essential oils known for their antiviral and antibacterial properties.
Manuka Honey Balm is a beautiful every day face moisturiser
to keep your skin in excellent condition
Why is the Balm so popular?
Manuka Honey Balm
It aids in the treatment of skin conditions such as wrinkles, sunspots, acne, psorasis, eczema, dermatitis, fungal infections, itchy scalp …
Manuka Honey Balm
Your skin soaks it up, leaving no residue.
Manuka Honey Balm
It’s fantastic to use as an everyday skin enhancer and health guardian.
Manuka Honey Balm is the Only
“Honey You Can Wear”
“… 90% improvement in my itchy, flaky, dry skin in two weeks
and I am still on my first bottle”

Carolyn Gould Tweed Heads

Today I love….Australian Politics

24 Jun

Hang on a minute….I love politics??!!

No, not quite but I do love love love the way that the people in our political parties decide to run the country their own way.

I thought the people of Australia were supposed to have a say on who runs the country?

How can the members of one party just go and decide that the Prime Minister is not good enough and then attempt to oust him (result later today, folks) and replace him with someone else of their own choosing?

What did we vote Kevin Rudd in for then?

It’s a bit childlike: “No, you can’t play with us anymore but we want George to be our campout leader now”….

Um, that’s called Bullying in my opinion….

I personally have no opinion on who runs my country. I don’t like Julia Gillard (she always looks so happy with her little self) or Kevin Rudd (I feel a tad sorry for the poor man right now).

I am just disgusted and quite offended that they are making my decision for me!

Just because they won’t win the next election with Kevin Rudd in place, that may actually be a good thing if their party does not get control of the country. Who wants cowboys like that running the joint?

The Prime Minister has a job….

That job is to work for the people of Australia….

WE are his employers….we pay his wages….

Not the peers in his party…..aren’t they meant to be working together???

Today I love….Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management

23 Jun

Well, well, well….Mrs. Beeton you say??? Who???

Isabella Mary Mayson (March 12, 1836January 1865), universally known as Mrs Beeton, was the author of Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management and is the most famous cookery writer in British history.

Anyhoo, my grandfather gave me this book as a gift one year (god bless him, even though someone else received Stephanie Alexanders’ The Cook’s Companion and I was very jealous) and I proceeded to read the tome with great enthusiasm….yes, it was huge!

Of course, me being delusional and believing that yes, one day, I am going to be a dutiful and wonderful housewife and mother and my grandfather thinks I should know this stuff, so here we go….

I have to say I think the book was leant to a friend (or donated??!!) and alas, it has not been returned…but thanks to the wonderful interweb I have found the full text!! I believe this is actually edited from the edition of the book I received way back then as I totally do not remember some parts of the chapters such as….

1. AS WITH THE COMMANDER OF AN ARMY, or the leader of any enterprise, so is it with the mistress of a house.






27. AFTER LUNCHEON, MORNING CALLS AND VISITS may be made and received.


38. WHEN FRUIT HAS BEEN TAKEN, and a glass or two of wine passed round, the time will have arrived when the hostess will rise, and thus give the signal for the ladies to leave the gentlemen


There it is folks…that’s the ball game….

Have fun reading the tome of all tomes….

Martha Stewart eat your heart out baby!!!

Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management – CHAPTER 1 – THE MISTRESS is an ongoing project that provides free access to the complete text of Beeton’s Book of Household Management.

It contains a wealth of recipes, advice and commentary from the Victorian era and offers a unique insight into the culture of a bygone age.

Today I love….Launceston Roman Baths Health Spa

23 Jun

This place is definitely Launceston’s BEST kept secret!

I travelled to Tasmania a long time ago and somehow found these baths while I was there. We only got to vist them twice but oh my what a lasting experience it left on me! Now, I just have to plan another trip there soon with Mr.Big so I can go again!!

I have very bad skin so this place really does wonders for me – maybe I should move to Tassie? Cheap housing!! Hmmmmmm…..

About Roman Baths

Adorned with works of art and exquisite Italian marble, Roman Baths are the ultimate in luxury and relaxation – a pleasure to behold as well as a delightful tonic to revitalise and revive – The Romans developed a very sophisticated process by which a person entered a number of hot rooms and afterwards followed this by bathing in warm and hot baths before a cold plunge. The Roman Baths in Launceston has recreated this experience using technology of the 21st century.

Indulge in the sheer delight of the warm waters of the Tepidarium or the hot waters of the Caldarium with their therapeutic healing qualities and soothing jet massages.

These three marble hot rooms, kept at different temperatures, were devised by the Romans over 2000 years ago. They completely relax the body and mind, bringing relief to many aches and pains, especially benefiting sinus and other similar complaints.

Your experience begins with the Hot Rooms…

Starting at a modest temperature of about 54C°, the body begins to relax and gradually becomes used to the warmth. In the next room the temperature rises to about 68C° causing the body to perspire copiously and relax. This chamber features the Labrum, a large white marble bowl, containing warm water to splash on the body from time to time, which was a favourite practice of the Romans.

After a few minutes the bather then moves to a very hot air room where the temperature increases to over 80C°. This completely relaxes the body, bringing relief to many aches and pains, benefiting sinus and other similar complaints. After a time the process is reversed and the bather then showers and moves to the sweating room where the warm marble slabs and humid atmosphere open the pores to cleanse the whole body. Now we move to the baths themselves…….

The first of our pools is a 20m swimming pool at a comfortable temperature of 32C°, situated in the Temple, decorated with statues, marble and classical wall reliefs. Also in this pool we have a sofa and thrones for the enjoyment of the air jets that cycle through the pools as well as water jets strategically placed for the relief of aching and tired muscles.

Then we have two smaller baths. The first at 39C° is filled from waterfalls from a marble grotto and a free fall cascade and contains more underwater air beds and thrones. The next is a pleasant cooler spa that massages your back and spine for the relief of aches and pains, completing the cycle.

via About Roman Baths — Roman Baths Health Spa Launceston Tasmania.

Today I love….Being Overcharged and How to do the save per trip rule….

23 Jun

Ok, so I don’t really love being overcharged….

Then again….you might agree with me after you read this…..

So, I’m doing the boring old food shopping yesterday and after paying for my purchases, I peruse the receipt (as I am thinking like “How can it get to so much $? I only bought 5 things” – though this is quite usual; I always do/think this!)

And lo and behold I have been charged twice for my $1.50 bag of potatoes!

How dare they?

Then I think oh, it’s only a measly $1.50??

What’s the point of going back and making a fuss to get my hard earned money back from the lovely checkout chick???

I am then transported back to the time when I used to buy something regularly (lets say once a week at least) for the price of $11. Across the road from the shop I normally visit, was a specialist store containing the exact same item for only $10!

I therefore deduced that if I stopped being lazy and crossed the road once a week to buy the cheaper item, in ten weeks I would have saved $10 which would effectively provide me with a free item!

$1 x 10 weeks of crossing the road = $10!

I call this my ‘save per trip’ which is similar to the ‘cost per wear’ rule!

So, back to the potatoes, I was about to walk off and forget about my $1.50 then I thought to myself – if I do this ten times, I will have effectively lost $15!

Right back to the counter I marched and successfully scored my $ back.

Think about it people….

If you have to travel a bit further to make a saving, just do it as I have proved that it will add up in the long run and save you money eventually…..


Today I love….Cookbook for Marysville

23 Jun

The Marysville Cookbook

Saturday 7th February 2009, now known as Black Saturday, saw the state of Victoria devastated by uncontrollable bushfires. Many towns were wiped from the map, thousands of buildings were lost and 173 people perished.

The devastation of Marysville was almost total.

The township needed something that was theirs and theirs alone. So they created the “Cookbook for Marysville”. Almost 300 copies were printed and given to the residents of Marysville with a message of hope and of thanks to emergency personnel.

Many people wanted to buy the book. They commissioned a second print run and the book is now for sale at $30.00.

$10 from each and every book, will be returned back to the town through various community ventures. I shall publish updates on sales and where the money is going, along with recipes from the book, at the Marysville Cookbook blog.

This book is 165 pages, including 28 pages of photos of the old Marysville taken by residents both past and present.

Read more about the book and my thank you to the people of Marysville.

Buy the book now!

Marysville Cookbook

* Title: Cookbook for Marysville

* ISBN: 978-0-646-52760-4

* RRP: $30.00

* Postage $5.00 (Australia only)

via Cookbook for Marysville – Marysville Cookbook. > Outdoor Gnome Bowling

22 Jun

I screamed “AWESOME!” on finding this gnome bowling set.

I love bowling

I love gnomes

I love games

I love playing outdoors

I love acting like a little kid

I love playing with the little munchkins

So that all means these are just perfect for me!

Added to the wishlist folks! > Outdoor Gnome Bowling

Today I love….Design Child Carry Cases

22 Jun

I have been searching high and low for these cases after seeing a feature using them as pretty little lunchboxes….and that is exactly what I want one for….

Like this:

Now I just have to decide which colour to buy…..and maybe they’ll look good at home too – oh dammit!!!

Nursery & Room Decor – Design Child – Baby clothes, kids clothes, Oobi, baby gifts, baby clothes online, Oobi Baby

Today I love….My favourite risotto (Glamping food)

22 Jun

This is my recipe for my favourite risotto.

I love, love, love this as it is an excellent recipe as it can be adapted to be cooked when you are camping (or you may call it glamping when you are cooking this lovely meal!) as it is very easy to do on a one burner stove.

This will definitely feed the hungry hordes and keep them satisfied for hours to follow!

As a bonus, you the chef are able to grant yourself the permission to finish off the bottle of white wine with your meal……

No more stodgy boring old toasted sandwiches or canned soup for me when I go glamping next!

Chicken, Spinach and Sun Dried Tomato Risotto

Ingredients (to serve 4 people)

  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 large onion, diced
  • 3-4 cups chopped fresh raw chicken or shredded cooked BBQ chicken
  • 2 cups arborio rice
  • 3-4 cups Chicken Stock (preferably home made)
  • ¼ cup dry white wine
  • 2 cups baby spinach leaves, washed
  • ½ cup sliced sun dried tomatoes
  • ½ cup grated parmesan cheese


1. Heat the oil in a large, non-stick saucepan. Add the onion and raw chicken (if using) and cook for 3-5 minutes until the chicken is browned and the onion has softened.
2. Add the rice and toss to coat. Cook for a further minute.
3. Add the shredded cooked chicken now (if using) together with the chicken stock and wine. Mix well. Cover and simmer very gently for 25 minutes, and continue to consume the rest of the white wine in a nice & large, chilled glass…oh, now don’t forget to stir often (ie. when you get a top up), until the rice is soft to the bite and all the liquid has been absorbed.
4. Stir in spinach, sun dried tomatoes and parmesan cheese. Allow to stand for 2 minutes. Serve garnished with extra grated parmesan and lots of black pepper.

Cooking note: You WILL notice the difference if you use home made chicken stock as it turns out soooo much tastier!

Happy Glamping!!!

Today I love….BYO reusable coffee cup by Hookturn Industries

22 Jun


Yes, I have seen some of these around already as there are a few people making them but this company is Melbourne based (hence the name – Hookturn – which for those who do not know is a right hand turn made from the left hand lane in the Melbourne CBD only) and they also make the coffee cups in funky colours!

I can’t decide between the coffee colour (sensible and of course relates to the product inside!) with a white or a black lid or maybe the plain black one?? Hmmmmmmmm decisions, decisions, decisions…..

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s stop the endless stream of empty polystyrene going to our landfills….

Order and BYO your own cup today baby!!!!

BYO reusable coffee cup by hookturn industries©

Today I love….Violet Macaroons with Raspberries & Butter Cream – Recipe – MasterChef Australia

21 Jun

I reckon I could make these….

BUT if I make them, I don’t think I’ll actually ever be able to eat them without feeling guilty because they are soooo pretty and sooooo dainty!

I just love, love, love them to bits!!

Although the judges did gave Callum a standing ovation for this fabulous recipe!

So I might just have to try one……

Violet Macaroons with Raspberries & Butter Cream – Recipe – MasterChef Australia

Today I love….SATC2 Fashions on a budget

21 Jun

Now, why didn’t I think of this first?

Probably because I am not as totally fabuloooos as Donny Galella!

The man has impeccable taste, a bursting fashion and celebrity blog/website and regular appearances on television in Australia!

Now, I can really look fashionable like my Sex and the City ladies and no one will know I am doing it on the cheap!! Ta da!!!


Now I just need to buy the book and get started on re-creating my favourite outfit from the movie….

Love, love, love the Halston Heritage peach dress from the movie!!

Buy here

Maybe I’ll make this dress myself for next summer? Caftans are very easy to make….

Every pattern I have found so far is vintage and not quite right but I’m on the hunt now…..

This one is OK….but still not right as not one shoulder…..


Today I love…..Returning to DOS

21 Jun

DOSBox is an emulator which emulates an IBM PC compatible computer running MS-DOS. It is intended especially for use with old PC games. DOSBox is free software and can be downloaded from here:

This will then enable you to play all your old favourite games like:

  • Lode Runner
  • Pitfall
  • Lemmings
  • An old truck game I can’t remember the name of but I LOVED it!
  • Boulder Dash
  • Wolfenstein
  • Frogger
  • Ghostbusters
  • Gremlins
  • Prince of Persia

For a comprehensive list of all MS-DOS games:

Click here

Then you can download the games from here:

DOS Games Archive: download free classic games (MS-DOS)

Happy gaming!!

Today I love….Doing the Right Thing….

21 Jun

National Australia Bank is donating $5 to charity for each story the public share on their Doing the Right thing page – so share away peeps!!! Let’s get some of those huge bank profits back to our communities!

Tell your story about a time when you have experienced someone doing the right thing…

Add your story and NAB will donate $5 to charity.NAB Doing the right thing

For every story, NAB will donate $5 in total to The Alannah and Madeline Foundation and The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

NAB Doing the Right Thing.

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