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Today I love….Lazy Susan

1 Jun

I keep my lazy susan in the fridge….
It is THE best thing for keeping and finding the smaller size jars like crushed garlic etc.

I keep it on an otherwise wasted small shelf (the same height as the jars) and you can actually see the jars in the back without removing all the jars from the front!

Just turn your susan and she will show you….

This one I found is gorgeous:

Today I love….Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss at ASOS

1 Jun

Another one for the wishlist….

I love, love, love lip gloss!!

And this one just makes it all the more yummier for me!!

You get to pick your shade and your man!

Lipstick comes with a double sided cap with an image of a man dressed, then in his undies only!!

Gee, when I have saved a bit of $$$ (if it ever happens!) my credit card is going to get a serious workout with all these products on my wishlist!!!

I can’t decide – I want to take them all home please!!!!

Urban Decay | Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss at ASOS

Today I love….The Gnome Breakfast Set

1 Jun

Gimmee! Gimmee! Gimmee!!

Love, love, love this set!!

It’s little, tiny, cutesy, petite, gorgeous and miniature……GNOMES!!!

But it’s SOLD OUT!!!! Damn, damn, damn man……

Gnome Breakfast Set – ThisNext

Today I love….Heimlich Manouvere Day

1 Jun

June 1st is apparently Heimlich Manouvere Day……

so Happy Heimlich Manouvere Day to every little reader I have out there!

Now, I don’t recommend you perform the manouvere on someone that does not require it (as you may break their ribs!)

but let’s all be watchful today for those who may need our help from choking on foreign objects or food!!!

According to this source

Today I love….Rubber Band Balls

1 Jun

I am currently in the process of constructing one of these at my workplace….

I don’t quite match the ambitions of these people….

But I am still having some (almost theraputic) fun while making it!

It is actually really fun to make and a great stress reliever. Even better is that I can put it together bit by bit when I have the spare time.  I will soon be able to entertain myself completely while desk-bound and bounce it around, but this is one project that will never be completed, because I can just keep on adding more and more rubber bands!

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