Today I love….Ozzy Osbourne

15 Jun

Go Ozzy, Go Ozzy, Go Ozzy, Go!!!

The legendary rocker is going to become one of a few lucky people to get their entire genome mapped – (ie. his DNA – the genome is the entirety of an organism’s hereditary information. It is encoded in DNA. Source: Wikipedia)

To try and find out why he is still alive after about 40 years (!!!) of so much substance abuse!

I, for one am looking forward to seeing those results….the results could help prevent diseases and it is also hoped the results will provide insights into the way drugs are absorbed into the body.

On the other hand, he could actually be clinically dead already:

He has had rabies injections after biting the head off a live bat, he has a genetic disorder similar to Parkinson’s disease,  hewas committed to a mental institution and broke his neck in a quad bike accident after which he was placed in a chemically induced coma.

And from the man himself:

“You ain’t gonna see me reading the f—— weather report at the end of the day. I don’t really like doing TV. Sharon loves it – she’s found her niche in life – and the kids love it, too, but I’m not a television guy. I remember in the old days thinking, “Oh so and so’s sold out”, but it’s today’s medium. But I’m doing more work now at 62 than I did at 22.”

More info here:

Scientists to map Ozzy Osbourne’s genetic code to find out how he survived so much substance abuse

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