Today I love….Being Overcharged and How to do the save per trip rule….

23 Jun

Ok, so I don’t really love being overcharged….

Then again….you might agree with me after you read this…..

So, I’m doing the boring old food shopping yesterday and after paying for my purchases, I peruse the receipt (as I am thinking like “How can it get to so much $? I only bought 5 things” – though this is quite usual; I always do/think this!)

And lo and behold I have been charged twice for my $1.50 bag of potatoes!

How dare they?

Then I think oh, it’s only a measly $1.50??

What’s the point of going back and making a fuss to get my hard earned money back from the lovely checkout chick???

I am then transported back to the time when I used to buy something regularly (lets say once a week at least) for the price of $11. Across the road from the shop I normally visit, was a specialist store containing the exact same item for only $10!

I therefore deduced that if I stopped being lazy and crossed the road once a week to buy the cheaper item, in ten weeks I would have saved $10 which would effectively provide me with a free item!

$1 x 10 weeks of crossing the road = $10!

I call this my ‘save per trip’ which is similar to the ‘cost per wear’ rule!

So, back to the potatoes, I was about to walk off and forget about my $1.50 then I thought to myself – if I do this ten times, I will have effectively lost $15!

Right back to the counter I marched and successfully scored my $ back.

Think about it people….

If you have to travel a bit further to make a saving, just do it as I have proved that it will add up in the long run and save you money eventually…..


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