Today I love….Launceston Roman Baths Health Spa

23 Jun

This place is definitely Launceston’s BEST kept secret!

I travelled to Tasmania a long time ago and somehow found these baths while I was there. We only got to vist them twice but oh my what a lasting experience it left on me! Now, I just have to plan another trip there soon with Mr.Big so I can go again!!

I have very bad skin so this place really does wonders for me – maybe I should move to Tassie? Cheap housing!! Hmmmmmm…..

About Roman Baths

Adorned with works of art and exquisite Italian marble, Roman Baths are the ultimate in luxury and relaxation – a pleasure to behold as well as a delightful tonic to revitalise and revive – The Romans developed a very sophisticated process by which a person entered a number of hot rooms and afterwards followed this by bathing in warm and hot baths before a cold plunge. The Roman Baths in Launceston has recreated this experience using technology of the 21st century.

Indulge in the sheer delight of the warm waters of the Tepidarium or the hot waters of the Caldarium with their therapeutic healing qualities and soothing jet massages.

These three marble hot rooms, kept at different temperatures, were devised by the Romans over 2000 years ago. They completely relax the body and mind, bringing relief to many aches and pains, especially benefiting sinus and other similar complaints.

Your experience begins with the Hot Rooms…

Starting at a modest temperature of about 54C°, the body begins to relax and gradually becomes used to the warmth. In the next room the temperature rises to about 68C° causing the body to perspire copiously and relax. This chamber features the Labrum, a large white marble bowl, containing warm water to splash on the body from time to time, which was a favourite practice of the Romans.

After a few minutes the bather then moves to a very hot air room where the temperature increases to over 80C°. This completely relaxes the body, bringing relief to many aches and pains, benefiting sinus and other similar complaints. After a time the process is reversed and the bather then showers and moves to the sweating room where the warm marble slabs and humid atmosphere open the pores to cleanse the whole body. Now we move to the baths themselves…….

The first of our pools is a 20m swimming pool at a comfortable temperature of 32C°, situated in the Temple, decorated with statues, marble and classical wall reliefs. Also in this pool we have a sofa and thrones for the enjoyment of the air jets that cycle through the pools as well as water jets strategically placed for the relief of aching and tired muscles.

Then we have two smaller baths. The first at 39C° is filled from waterfalls from a marble grotto and a free fall cascade and contains more underwater air beds and thrones. The next is a pleasant cooler spa that massages your back and spine for the relief of aches and pains, completing the cycle.

via About Roman Baths — Roman Baths Health Spa Launceston Tasmania.


3 Responses to “Today I love….Launceston Roman Baths Health Spa”

  1. Matthew chrystie July 17, 2011 at 1:02 pm #

    Was great wasnt it….

  2. Mayra October 8, 2014 at 3:59 am #

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