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Today I love….Manuka Honey Balm

24 Jun

Yes folks!

Miracles can and do happen….

Mr. Big came home from work the other night and told me about his mates’ girlfriend who uses Manuka Honey to control her eczema.

Background info: I have been an eczema sufferer on various parts of my body all of my life and just in the past month or two, I have had it worse than ever and now it is uncontrollable and everywhere all over my body!

I was getting to the point where I was resigned to my fate of having to control the eczema on my hands and that was ok I could just cope with that…then I get this horrible flare up everywhere!

I have therefore been forced to try everything and resort to desperate measures…..So after Mr. Big conveyed this information to me, one of these desperate measures we now undertake on a nightly basis is coating the affected area with Manuka Honey and walking around sticking to my clothing all evening. Very uncomfortable and quite irritating to the skin as well. Stuff that! But, it worked. Even after a day, I could see the improvement and then after 3 days it is almost all gone!

Then after googling the benefits of Manuka Honey, I found a wonderful product that seems to do the same thing without all the stickyness of the honey! HOORAY!

Honey you can wear…..

I am in the process of becoming a distributor for this wonderful product so that i can bring some relief to other poor skin suffering people like myself! So, if you want to purchase, please send me an email or leave a comment below… can also of course, buy directly from the manufacturer online.

This quote below SOLD it for me…..

“The eczema on my body is 90% gone and I have only been using

Manuka Honey Balm for two weeks. It is so comfortable to wear.”

A new formula, one with layers of activity through micro science, brings you  this living product like a liquid skin.
• Anywhere you want new skin, apply Manuka Honey Balm
• Manuka Honey Balm is “Honey You Can Wear”
• For total skin resuscitation
It is a light, easy to wear balm that hydrates the skin like no other product. We use only Active Manuka Honey and Jelly Bush Honey, organic and pure unheated liquid gold from the hive.
Honey is the most powerful skin repairer known to man. Honey has powerful
skin preserving properties.



Now you can apply Manuka Honey Balm and get dressed for work or wear it to bed at night … no residue, it completely absorbs.

The Active Manuka Honey will be working 24 hours a day to resuscitate and support your needy skin.

There is
Cream Like It

Active Jellybush Honey is our Australian equivalent to the
New Zealand Active Manuka Honey.
We add to this pure unheated oils of Apricot Kernels, almonds, with a blend of rare and precious essential oils known for their antiviral and antibacterial properties.
Manuka Honey Balm is a beautiful every day face moisturiser
to keep your skin in excellent condition
Why is the Balm so popular?
Manuka Honey Balm
It aids in the treatment of skin conditions such as wrinkles, sunspots, acne, psorasis, eczema, dermatitis, fungal infections, itchy scalp …
Manuka Honey Balm
Your skin soaks it up, leaving no residue.
Manuka Honey Balm
It’s fantastic to use as an everyday skin enhancer and health guardian.
Manuka Honey Balm is the Only
“Honey You Can Wear”
“… 90% improvement in my itchy, flaky, dry skin in two weeks
and I am still on my first bottle”

Carolyn Gould Tweed Heads

Today I love….Australian Politics

24 Jun

Hang on a minute….I love politics??!!

No, not quite but I do love love love the way that the people in our political parties decide to run the country their own way.

I thought the people of Australia were supposed to have a say on who runs the country?

How can the members of one party just go and decide that the Prime Minister is not good enough and then attempt to oust him (result later today, folks) and replace him with someone else of their own choosing?

What did we vote Kevin Rudd in for then?

It’s a bit childlike: “No, you can’t play with us anymore but we want George to be our campout leader now”….

Um, that’s called Bullying in my opinion….

I personally have no opinion on who runs my country. I don’t like Julia Gillard (she always looks so happy with her little self) or Kevin Rudd (I feel a tad sorry for the poor man right now).

I am just disgusted and quite offended that they are making my decision for me!

Just because they won’t win the next election with Kevin Rudd in place, that may actually be a good thing if their party does not get control of the country. Who wants cowboys like that running the joint?

The Prime Minister has a job….

That job is to work for the people of Australia….

WE are his employers….we pay his wages….

Not the peers in his party…..aren’t they meant to be working together???

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