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Today I love….Frosty bits

29 Jun

Well, not really…but there sure is a lot to look at in my town today!!

If Melbourne doesn’t get above 10 degrees for the day it will be the coldest day in 2 years… was warmer at midnight last night than it is now at 3pm!

The weather in Melbourne has remained at 7.7 degrees, wind chill factor still around 9 degrees….


When it gets warmer,we will all be whinging about it being too hot so it’s lucky we now have our own icerink too!

Melbourne Icehouse

Which was officially opened by our most famous ice skater, Steven Bradbury who has his name on a rink there!

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – MARCH 30: Salt Lake 2002 gold medallist Steven Bradbury speaks at the launch of the Olympic Winter Institute (OWI) of Australia’s new home at the Ice House on March 30, 2010 in Melbourne, Australia.

Today I love….Sonic Fabric

29 Jun


My car still has a tape recorder and no cd installed….but I kinda like it!

It brings back great memories of all those terrible songs I apparently used to listen to…and my ice cube days…oh dear me…

Im takinit back to the old school

Cause Im an old fool whos so cool …if u want to get down, I‘m a show you the way…

Whoomp, there it is!

However, for those of you with boxes of classic old tapes lying in your garage, please feel free to donate them to my car cause and send them my way or…..

What a clever little poppet this person is…..

Fabric woven from recycled cassette tapes…

That actually plays sound while you wear it!

I had no idea when I first conceived of this project that the fabric would be
“listenable”… the point for me was just to get as many of my all-time favorite sounds onto the recording. So I made a collage of layered samples from my collection using an analog 4-track recorder. When you run the tape head over the fabric you are reading 4 or 5 strands of tape at once … in other words, 16 or 20 tracks all mixed together. It sounds kind of like scratching a record backwards or radio static.

• sonic fabric •

Today I love….Saving our Native Forests

29 Jun

This is a once in a generation opportunity to protect our native forests.

But to do that we have to let the forestry industry and Australian governments at all levels know we are serious about reform.

That begins with a massive sign up to these two core Forestry Principles:

  1. A swift transition of industrial logging out of our native forests and to our plantations.
  2. Establishing ‘protected areas’ for all of our high conservation value native forests.

Add your name to the call for protection, by signing up below.

GetUp! Campaign Actions

Today I love….Tamberrah Cottages

29 Jun

Last weekend, I got to visit my lovely friends in Paynesville (yes, it was freeeeezing!) and we took a drive out to Tamberrah Cottages.

The photo above simply does not do the place justice. It was beautifully laid out and if it was a nicer day I could have sat there all afternoon. We will have to go back when they are open for dinner one night next time I am down there.

I think I will have to seriously consider that I begin saving my pennies as this is a perfect place for a wedding! (No, folks there is nothing on the cards but I’ll need to start saving now anyway!) If you are looking for a wedding venue, you won’t be disappointed here!

Nestled on three acres of gardens with a beautiful trout filled, stone-walled lake spanned by a charming foot bridge. Quality and comfort are apparent from the time you approach the entry. With a magnificent hand cut post and rail fence, which draws you to the welcoming stonewall entry.

Tamberrah Cottages is the perfect location to use as a base to discover East Gippsland, the Lakes and Wilderness area, Alpine High Country and East Gippsland Rail Trail.

If you fancy a spot for a relaxing weekend away, then this is the place to be. Tamberrah Cottages is a beautiful location with three acres of landscaped gardens to enjoy.

We have our own Pizza Cafe and you can relax around the beautiful hand-crafted water wheel which overlooks a trout filled lake. Or enjoy coffee and cake – Devonshire Tea. If Pizza is not your fancy we have a fully equipped outdoor entertaining area with BBQ facilities.

All of our cottages are fully self-contained, with TV, DVD players, for those cosy nights to enjoy with wine and chocolates that are provided. Many couples have celebrated their wedding vows with family and friends in this tranquil setting. For a delightful weekend away, come and see for yourself.

via Tamberrah Cottages – Tambo Upper.

Today I love….Back to the 80’s

29 Jun

Oh, look at this! A child of the 80’s I am and this speaks volumes to me about the era!

I love love love it but I’d probably never ever use it!

Women’s Present,Cute Magic Cube Bag Handbag Purse A17 – eBay (item 180488316862 end time Jun-29-10 06:03:33 PDT)

Today I love….Dreaming of Hermès

29 Jun

I love love love these bags!

Not only for the look of them but I once saw a documentary on the making of the Birkin…and they are hand crafted with love and lots of lovely leather! They are made to last a lifetime, but are they worth this much moola!!???

I wish wish wish I could love love love this bag in the flesh!!

Hermès Birkin Bag on eBay for $77,999 – StyleList

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