Today I love….Sonic Fabric

29 Jun


My car still has a tape recorder and no cd installed….but I kinda like it!

It brings back great memories of all those terrible songs I apparently used to listen to…and my ice cube days…oh dear me…

Im takinit back to the old school

Cause Im an old fool whos so cool …if u want to get down, I‘m a show you the way…

Whoomp, there it is!

However, for those of you with boxes of classic old tapes lying in your garage, please feel free to donate them to my car cause and send them my way or…..

What a clever little poppet this person is…..

Fabric woven from recycled cassette tapes…

That actually plays sound while you wear it!

I had no idea when I first conceived of this project that the fabric would be
“listenable”… the point for me was just to get as many of my all-time favorite sounds onto the recording. So I made a collage of layered samples from my collection using an analog 4-track recorder. When you run the tape head over the fabric you are reading 4 or 5 strands of tape at once … in other words, 16 or 20 tracks all mixed together. It sounds kind of like scratching a record backwards or radio static.

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