Today I love….Cutting my own hair a la Kandee Johnson

16 Jul

Kandee Johnson….I love, love, love you!!!

Ladies, this woman seriously rocks….get on her now!!! Well, and you guys too who are so beauty inclined….

Kandee Johnson is a freelance make-up artist who has a humungous following on you tube and also other social networks – I can’t recall how I found her – but this is the video that inspired me to cut my own hair….

Mr. Big tells me my effort is not good at all….well, I didn’t quite achieve the side swept look – my hair is too curly!

It just went ‘zip’ when I cut it and it jumped upwards! Oopsies…..

Anyhoo….I’ll get you all a pic soon don’t you worry!

Unfortunately I have multiple photo opportunites occurring on the weekend and hence will have to suffer the BAD haircut photos!!

Yes, my pretties, you shall all be witness to the pleasure of the humiliation as well….you stay tuned now!!


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