Today I love….Jewellery Storage

19 Jul

So Mr. Big has moved into my life and has now moved into my home as well…..everybody say yay for me!!!

Oh love, love, love….two lovebirds in the tub….

(Note: when I say ‘new’ in the following…I mean new as in ‘newly’ organised, sorted and recently re-designed spaces….)

I love my new bedroom, I love my new bed (Mr. Bigs’), I love my new lounge room/dining room, I love my new kitchen….with a work/craftspace for me! I love my new garage….and I love my inbuilt furniture removalist….and my live-in dishwasher….I love the new room for the little munchkins….

I have culled my clothes, I have culled the bathroom (and added cute little stickers to the tiles on the wall for the kiddies!), I have culled the lounge room and the kitchen…I still have to cull the garage but that will come….

My problem is now my room seems to be overrun with jewellery! I really don’t own valuable jewellery but the pieces I own I really do love. I have also recently culled this area of my life so only now have the items that are useful and used!! How to store them though? At the moment I have the obligatory boxes and trees and hangers but these utensils are just not cutting the mustard! How do you store your jewellery???

Ahhhhh the ultimate…..

Or even better….

Now all I have to do is convince Mr. Big to make me one!!! Wish me luck folks….

Or make your own shadow box….

One Response to “Today I love….Jewellery Storage”

  1. Anonymous April 9, 2012 at 7:47 am #


    I love the white jewellery cabinet you have posted on your site. Can I ask where you saw this as I would love to find it. Thank you!

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