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Today I love….Dodgy pic of the Shellac chip

27 Jul


We have a chip people!!!

In the apparently un-chippable hybrid nail colour!!!

I will admit I am definitely not the nicest person to my fingernails….they have to function….and I make them perform!! They break and hence they chip…this I fear, is the cause of THE chip! I can see a little dent in my fingernail where the chip lies…so I do believe it is my fingernails’ fault, not the polish!

We have definite regrowth after only 4 days (wow, my nails grow quickly!) almost 3-4mm by my count….

The hands are a little itchy, but the rest of my eczema has also flared up because I have decreased my medication lately so….there may be other reasons to observe here….

At the moment I don’t care because I love, love, love my new nails….I haven’t had many compliments but people probably assume I have just spent an hour that morning applying my nail polish because it always looks so fresh and so new!

My apologies for the dodgy photo – naturally when I went to take some pics of my nails, the battery in the camera went flat and I have no replacement on hand!

Lo and behold the dodgy pic of the chip….oh, and the regrowth! Check it out!!!

Let me know what you think lovely people!!!

Today I love….accidentally doing an Angelina Jolie….

27 Jul

So if you’ve been reading you’ll already know that I went and got a fringe cut lately….I tried to do a Kandee Johnson cut by myself but I think I had one (or two!) too many wines that night because it didn’t look as good as I thought it did the next morning!

I have not been able to give you all a photo yet because my laptop was upgraded to Windows 7 and then the SD memory reader mysteriously stopped working so I had to find the new driver to make it work – but now I am back with photos for you all!! But anyway, back to the interesting stuff….

So I went to the hairdresser and I told her how I wanted my fringe cut – deep (ie. far back from my forehead line) to make the fringe thick with a blunt cut….she looked at me funny and said why do you want it like that? I explained to her that I know my hair and it if is not cut deep and therefore thick, it will jump up and curl – my hair needs the weight behind it to stay straight….so she did it and I am very happy with the results….

I won a makeover trip to Sydney in 2005 for Notebook magazine and the hair stylist Kimberley Johnston did this style for me then and it worked so well with my hair so I knew it would work again….this is one of the ‘after’ pics….

Then I saw the preview for Salt – the new Angelina Jolie movie and – wow! Look at her hair!!!

Cut deep, thick and blunt – just like me! So I must be onto something here, hey folks???

Stay tuned for the latest pic of my hair!!!

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