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Today I love….Mini Nerds

5 Aug

Loooooook what just landed in my lap!!!

Thanks Mr. Wonka and special thanks to my spunky Mr. Big!!!

I couldn’t resist sharing these little cuties with you…

Today I love….Telling myself where to go

5 Aug

Now I can tell myself where to go!!

“LeeAnn Herreid’s jewellery is something the 21st century traveller should never be without-compass rings and pendants set in sterling silver ensure you never lost your way, spirit level earrings keep you in balance, stainless steel ruler bracelets give you the measure of things, and thermometer earrings keep you cool. These are just some of the pieces in Herreid’s line of functional and innovative jewellery; more than just decorative, they are pieces with purpose.”

Unfortunately, I can find a reason to buy almost one thing from every group of products available here!!

When I get older and can’t see as well….this item will definitely be on the stylish but crusty old lady wishlist!

With 3.2 carats of loose industrial grade diamonds that move freely behind a quartz crystal I’ll be sparkling like a million bucks….

I can also tell how much fatter (or more hopefully, thinner!) I am getting….

I can tell if I have had one too many drinkies….

I can also tell you all how hot I really am!!!

Ruler Bracelets, Level Earrings, Compass Necklaces, Rings

Today I love….ecococoon

5 Aug

What a blast from the past these are!!!

I saw some of these in an op shop the other day but they weren’t in the best condition and in hindsight I am glad I didn’t part with my hard earned $ because I can now buy them brand new!!

When I was little, our family used to go out on U.F.O’s as my Mum used to call them (Definition of U.F.O = unidentified family outing. We never knew where we were being taken to so it was always a surprise and hence unidentified!). We always took these cups with us – in their little zip up leather holder….and because they were stainless steel, they were also very handy at keeping drinks cold! I would put money on it that my Mum does still have her set somewhere in the depths of her house….

The old skool set…..

The girly girl set….

The family set….

Individual cups as well!

ecococoon cup sets

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