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Today I love….Donut Baths

8 Aug

So the little munchkins are back for the weekend and guess what little special treat I had in store for them???

A donut bath!!! Not the pastry kind silly!!! This kind….fizzers!!!

But then…I found the bath bombs below that reveal toy Fried Foods and Sweet Donuts. Kinda like a Kinder Surprise!!! But in water….

So I found these little wonders and I realised that I TOO am missing out on the fun of a donut bath!!!

But, where to find these down under???!!!

‘Happy Bath Time’ Bubbling Bath Bombs

Or you can just stick to the good ole donut soap!!!

Today I love….a Fluttery Breath of Life

20 Jul

Pretty, fluttery, silky, gorgeous and dainty – yep it’s Butterflies people!!!

Now, who doesn’t love a bootiful butterfly???

This jewellery makes me think of a butterfly floating up and down on the sunny summer breeze… a squishy green grass, clover filled field…..

Derya Aksoy makes organza butterfly necklaces, earrings and hair accessories. She also makes rings from tiles sourced in Istanbul and cutesy little cotton ball jewellery items!

She also has this super-awesome glo-mesh necklace:

via Jewelera on Etsy

Today I love….Digibling Electronics Components Jewellery

9 Jul


This is right up my electronic alleyway…..

I love, love, love circuit boards, chips and capacitors (electronic parts)….

Yeah, I know, weird hey??

This is just such a cool idea……

These pieces are sure to be a conversation starter….

digibling electronics components jewelry by digiBling on Etsy

Today I love….Lazy Susan

1 Jun

I keep my lazy susan in the fridge….
It is THE best thing for keeping and finding the smaller size jars like crushed garlic etc.

I keep it on an otherwise wasted small shelf (the same height as the jars) and you can actually see the jars in the back without removing all the jars from the front!

Just turn your susan and she will show you….

This one I found is gorgeous:

Today I love….Lazyness….

25 May

Erin Said So has read my mind!!

“I’m a lazy gal that’s trying not be. So I make things.”

That’s part of why I started this blog – to give me some purpose in my lazy little life….

I also have an ongoing and endless urge to make things (being a crafty person all my life) but I seriously need to re-organise my life before I can start making the things that constantly crop up in my brain…..I need to get rid of my clutter and make some space so my head can think and I can move around a little crafty space at the same time! Clutter drives me insane but I am the queen of it, unfortunately.

My mother always taught me to think of a purchase as a want or a need and if I didn’t need it, don’t buy it – fat lot of bloody good that did for me!!

I need to buy all this stuff:

Recovering Lazyholic by erinsaidso on Etsy

I love her 12 steps plan for avoiding lazyness as well:

12 Steps

Today I love….The Gilded Lily

24 May

This pendant makes me smile…..

On a day when I look around and see rain, rain and more bloody rain!!!

TREE OF FLOWERS Colorful Scrabble Tile Pendant by thegildedlily

Today I love…Joo Joo I love you!!!

20 May

In my perfect life, I can buy everything….

Including EVERYTHING on this sellers list!!

joojooland on Etsy

These are a few of my favourite things – Part2 – Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens

12 May

Buy this here

Buy this here

Buy this here

Buy this here

Upcycled mittens!! I love upcycling…..

Buy this here

Today I love….Scarfdujour on Etsy

7 May

Super cute items can be found in this shop!!!

Welcome To Scarfdujour by scarfdujour on Etsy

Rainy with a chance of….clouds!!!

6 May

Winter weather….blah!

But it makes me feel happier and brighter when I look at all

these gorgeous cloud designs I found on etsy today!

Chickie the shy chicken by joojooland on Etsy

4 May

***love love love***

all the products from joojooland

and want to buy all of them now!!!

Chickie the shy chicken by joojooland on Etsy

Whales in love by joojooland on Etsy

4 May

Everybody say awwwwww……

Whales in love by joojooland on Etsy

By Order of the Management – Etsy find

4 May

I think these signs would be quite handy for

Mr Big to have in the little munchkins rooms….

By Order of the Management Set of 4 Small Prints by johnwgolden

Giddy Spinster on Etsy

4 May

So totally





*** love love love ***

I am

So totally





going to try and make some of these….

I am a qualified shoemaker but I don’t think that will

really help me much here….we’ll see….

stay tuned, folks….

giddyspinster dreamy things by giddyspinster on Etsy

Etsy Find of the Day – Woodland Belle

4 May

I love love love these products!!!

Added to the wishlist…..

Buy here folks:

Tiny Woodland Terrarium Mushroom and Blue Morpho by WoodlandBelle

Ruffles, Ruffles, Ruffles!!!

3 May

I think most girly girls love ruffles and I am no exception….

So here are same of my faves found on etsy today

(with all the seller links provided – just click on the pics gorgeous ones!)

for you to all go forth and buy buy buy!!!

So we can all look ruffle-ly beautiful together….awww….

Priscilla Dawn Designs

1 May

Priscilla Dawn designs and sells her own divine dresses, stunning skirts and accessories in a couture fifties style range.

They resonate cakes, lollipops and all things sweet and nice.

I love love love them but just need to find a suitable event

to wear them to – tea party invitations are all welcome!!

Priscilla Dawn Online Etsy Shop

Etsy Find of the day

30 Apr

Yes, folks this IS soap!!!

Some of the most beautiful and creative soaps you will

ever see can be found here on etsy:

Today I love….Etsy Finds

29 Apr

LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos by “boopsydaisy” on etsy:

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