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Today I love….Silken Ladders

21 Aug

It’s so nice to know that some people are out there living their dreams…..and then sharing them with us!

Thanks to Anna for sharing this with me, and now you! Enjoy and celebrate……..

“In the North Yorkshire Moors, in a snowy dark wood, in a little log cabin……Tom and Anna hid away from the world with only their guitars to keep them company……

Inspired by their surroundings, they sang their hearts out, they wrote songs, they recorded these songs and without knowing it, created Silken Ladders.

These songs come from the heart. They sing about the bird that kept them awake outside the cabin, about sleeping rough in a cave, about Granny’s attic and the seals that live amongst the industrial waste land near their cabin in Middlesbrough. With a folky sound, their music is harmonious, uplifting, touching, melodic and original. They have been working on their first album ‘Our Lost Songs’ which is due for release in February 2010.”

Today I love….”Oh Sookie”

13 Jul

The Dogg has done it again!!!

I love, love, love True Blood and now I love, love, love this song by Snoop Dogg!!!

It’s quite cute and also entertaining (“I smoke True Bud” well der, of course you do, Snoop!)

I am sure Anna Paquin never thought any of this would happen to her way back in her Piano days….

I bet she is also being quite flattered with all the compliments she is getting! She is a very pretty lady…..oh, and she is a great actress in my opinion…..I just wish my ass looked as good as hers in those tight, short, shorts!!!

YouTube – Snoop Dogg “Oh Sookie” True Blood Music Video HD

Today I love….Marvelous Melbourne

8 Jul

My home town….Melbourne, Victoria, Australia….

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!!! Oi, Oi, Oi!!!

Here is a wonderful little short film about olde Melbourne town that I came across – by Chris Costuna….

Melbourne (pronunciation: /ˈmɛlbərn/, locally also [ˈmælbən, -bn̩][3][citation needed]) is the capital and most populous city in the state of Victoria, and also the second most populous city in Australia.[2] The Melbourne City Centre (also known as the “Central Business District” or “CBD”)[4] is the hub of the greater geographical area (or “metropolitan area”) and the Census statistical division—of which “Melbourne” is the common name. As of late 2009, the greater geographical area had an approximate population of 4 million.[1][5] A resident of Melbourne is known as a “Melburnian”.[6]

Source: Wikipedia

Today I love….Sonic Fabric

29 Jun


My car still has a tape recorder and no cd installed….but I kinda like it!

It brings back great memories of all those terrible songs I apparently used to listen to…and my ice cube days…oh dear me…

Im takinit back to the old school

Cause Im an old fool whos so cool …if u want to get down, I‘m a show you the way…

Whoomp, there it is!

However, for those of you with boxes of classic old tapes lying in your garage, please feel free to donate them to my car cause and send them my way or…..

What a clever little poppet this person is…..

Fabric woven from recycled cassette tapes…

That actually plays sound while you wear it!

I had no idea when I first conceived of this project that the fabric would be
“listenable”… the point for me was just to get as many of my all-time favorite sounds onto the recording. So I made a collage of layered samples from my collection using an analog 4-track recorder. When you run the tape head over the fabric you are reading 4 or 5 strands of tape at once … in other words, 16 or 20 tracks all mixed together. It sounds kind of like scratching a record backwards or radio static.

• sonic fabric •

Today I love….Sunshine & Lollypops!!

26 May

I love love love this song….

I also get to enjoy this song regularly lately as it is the theme song for the Target television advertisement out here in my hood!

Anytime I get down, I just think of this song and start a little happy dance like our lovely Lesley below…..

Sunshine, Lollypops – Lesley Gore

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