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Today I love……Inga

12 May

Oh she is so pretty! So useful, she surprises me every single day with her skills! She goes here, she goes there….she goes anywhere!!!

Well….hate me if you must….but I am now the proud owner of a la……iPad!

No, I am not a rich person by any means or I would own everything that I speak of on this blog! I bought Inga (iPad 1) on the day that the iPad 2 was released…which in my book is pretty savvy stuff….I don’t own an iPhone but of course I would like to have one…..

So…..she arrived….it wasn’t hard for me to work out how to use and abuse her…..I’m not a computer nerd but I’m not a complete moron either….then the apps started flowing….this little genius is a bloody godsend for the kiddies! They LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It reads them stories, it educates them and teaches them to spell, draw, count and even a bit of hand/eye and some logic thrown in there as well for them! I HAD to have Monopoly – yes, I paid for it but it has been worth every bloody cent – Mr. Big and I play it and the pool game a lot now. Which is nice….no more sitting in front of the computer or lounged on the couch engrossed in the telly…now we play together! Arguing and cheating is also involved but that is another story altogether!

Speaking of Mr. Big, he just interrupted the typing of this post by knocking over my antique side table and scaring the living bejesus out of me! Damn he is Big! Anyhoo, the first thing I did with Inga was learn how to convert my vids so that I could send them to iTunes and then sync them over to her. So that took a while. Well, not too long. Maybe I don’t give myself enough credit sometimes…..I think that sometimes….

So Mr. Big came home and there I was quite happy in my own hot bubble bath watching National Velvet with Inga leant on the wire bath storage next to the bath. Mr. Big took one look at Inga, after I told him not to come too much closer and spill everything everywhere and backed the hell outta there quick smart! So I did move her a little further away from said bathtub. I kind of had a vision of Inga falling into the bath tub with me and really did not want to end up as the first iPad death statistic in a bath.

After that, Inga’s uses became more and more known to me. She has taught me that I cannot grow any sort of plant, whether it be living or in a game. Thanks for that. I can also keep up to date on the networks and news and listen to my tunes whilst I am cooking dinner. I can take her to bed and read a book. It took a while to find a free book that I wanted to read, but I highly recommend the princess and the penis for your first freebie 🙂 Then I have my daily games….which for me I really need right now….gas tycoon rocks and the plants were another one but I’ve given up on that quest.

If you are considering purchasing an iPad I highly recommend it…I no longer have to pack up my laptop and all the cords and lug it around – I just walk out the door with this little beauty! It is of course easier to type on a normal keyboard, like I am doing now. This post may have taken a lot longer than the 10 mins it has so far taken on the keyboard instead of Inga…

I thought the other day about how exciting our world will be in 100 years time. Well, if it is still here….scary stuff….everybody – iPads away!!! xxxxx

Today I love….Christmas Templates

12 Dec

Today I love….Momiji

4 Aug

Momiji are hand painted Japanese themed dolls made in small village in Warwickshire, England…..

Each doll comes with a secret message card hidden in their bottoms!

Just as cute as the Unazukin…..maybe more with all their different little personalities!

They are to be loved and a definite collectable!

Now I just have to convince them to start shipping to Australia!!

The Momiji Story

The Momiji Doll Flickr Group can be found here

Today I love….The Pet Camper – Straight Lines Designs

7 Jul


This is just too cute for words lovelies!!!

My little Jeffy would just love, love, love this dog house!

Although he may have to fight the cat for it I fear…..the product is concept only at this stage….

Or what about an ilog???

This may be the funkiest bird house/bath ever!!

Straight Line Designs

Today I love….Diana F+ CMYK

4 Jul

One little graphic designer that I know is just going to love, love, love this little beauty of a camera!

No, folks it’s not a toy – and yes, I want one too! Soooo cute and colourful!!!

Ooooh I just want to take her home today and put her lovely glitter shoes on and then take her out dancing!

The Diana F+ camera is exciting to use on its own, but why stop there? There are many options available to make your Diana F+ experience ever surprising and magical. Experiment with different image formats and use 35mm film with the Diana 35mm Back+. Change the way you see things with different lenses. Slice and dice with the Splitzer. These are available in special bundles so that you can splurge!

The perfect companion for all colour-lovin’ Diana fanatics!

The Diana F+ CMYK colours are accurately calibrated to honor the achievements of every graphic designer and every offset printer who can rough up cyan, magenta, yellow and black all day and night. This is also the reason why you can find tiny coffee cups as distance setting symbols.

– Uses all types of 120mm medium format film
– Produces ultra-dreamy, soft-focus, vignetted medium-format photos
– Can also be used with 35mm film (with the Diana 35mm Back)


Today I love….Great Big Ice Cream Cone

3 Jul

I want, want, want one of these!!!

Although I don’t think Mr. Big will approve now that the children and himself shall be moving into my residence…hmmmm although I could….make it out like a really cool groovy night light (that is mine!) that they can use in their room and then I can see it all the time and love, love, love it and all of it’s pink luscious-ness!!!

This photo on We Heart It made me want to find one all for me!

Now, I just need to find the matching giant pink lipstick to go with it….

These are BIG ones at 28 inches high. That’s right…over 2 feet tall!

They are wonderful decorations to add to any child’s room. Other great uses include display in game rooms, restaurants, in the kitchen or even the kid’s room!  They are made of sturdy unbreakable plastic. The lamp style includes a UL approved cord with an on/off switch and the light bulb.

Great Big Ice Cream Cone : Giant Ice Cream Cone

Today I love….Back to the 80’s

29 Jun

Oh, look at this! A child of the 80’s I am and this speaks volumes to me about the era!

I love love love it but I’d probably never ever use it!

Women’s Present,Cute Magic Cube Bag Handbag Purse A17 – eBay (item 180488316862 end time Jun-29-10 06:03:33 PDT) > Outdoor Gnome Bowling

22 Jun

I screamed “AWESOME!” on finding this gnome bowling set.

I love bowling

I love gnomes

I love games

I love playing outdoors

I love acting like a little kid

I love playing with the little munchkins

So that all means these are just perfect for me!

Added to the wishlist folks! > Outdoor Gnome Bowling

Today I love…..Returning to DOS

21 Jun

DOSBox is an emulator which emulates an IBM PC compatible computer running MS-DOS. It is intended especially for use with old PC games. DOSBox is free software and can be downloaded from here:

This will then enable you to play all your old favourite games like:

  • Lode Runner
  • Pitfall
  • Lemmings
  • An old truck game I can’t remember the name of but I LOVED it!
  • Boulder Dash
  • Wolfenstein
  • Frogger
  • Ghostbusters
  • Gremlins
  • Prince of Persia

For a comprehensive list of all MS-DOS games:

Click here

Then you can download the games from here:

DOS Games Archive: download free classic games (MS-DOS)

Happy gaming!!

Today I love….Rubber Band Balls

1 Jun

I am currently in the process of constructing one of these at my workplace….

I don’t quite match the ambitions of these people….

But I am still having some (almost theraputic) fun while making it!

It is actually really fun to make and a great stress reliever. Even better is that I can put it together bit by bit when I have the spare time.  I will soon be able to entertain myself completely while desk-bound and bounce it around, but this is one project that will never be completed, because I can just keep on adding more and more rubber bands!

Today I love….Breakfast food decorative pillow collection

27 May

I could probably eat pancakes every day I love, love, love them that much!

But this pillow may satisfy those cravings for me….

Either that or it will make them ten times worse!!!

Breakfast food decorative pillow collection. – ThisNext

Today I love….Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

25 May

What a great idea to encourgae reading in our kids!

I just wish it was available in my country dammit!

Go Dolly!!

Welcome to Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

Today I love…..Paper Crafts By Yamaha!!

24 May

We’ve hit the jackpot on the paper crafts here folks!!!

An unbelievable amount of cute little toys to be folded, crimped and stuck together!!!

Paper Crafts | YAMAHA MOTOR

Today I love…Joo Joo I love you!!!

20 May

In my perfect life, I can buy everything….

Including EVERYTHING on this sellers list!!

joojooland on Etsy

Today I love….My awesome homemade salsa!!!

19 May

I could eat da Mexican food every day!!!

Most likely for breakfast, lunch AND dinner….

So I’ve had to learn how to make my own salsa properly….I just had to because I love love love the stuff so much!

Oh, yes and da Margaritas!!! All day thanks….

Anyway, tonight was taco night (again = yay!)

So I made da salsa….

Mr. Big had already devoured one taco by the time I got to take a pic of his!

(And the Unazukin say – Yes!! Double Yes!!)

If you want the recipe, you have to comment!

I need to know you’re out there….

Today I love….Danbo

18 May

Some great Danbo pics on flickr and even more popping up around the web lately….my friend got one the other day so I am now sourcing a supplier to import the little men so you all can love them just as much as me!!!

What is a Danbo?

“This toy cardboard robot named Danbo was commissioned by Amazon Japan from Azuma Kiyohiko, the creator of the manga character Yotsuba-chan who lives with her adoptive work-at-home dad, and whose happy-go-lucky adventures are recounted in the popular serial, Yotsubato/Yotsuba&___. [You can read Chapter 28, Yotsuba to Danbo in English. Remember, it goes right to left.]”


Life of Danbo – Visboo

Today I love….50 Awesome Papercraft Robots

17 May

More papercraft projects!!!

There must be tons of these on the interweb….

I like a few of these ones tho – I want to make my very own Wall-E!!

50 Awesome Papercraft Robots |

Today I love….What a Unazukin can do for you….

16 May

My package arrived today and I am overjoyed and beyond belief at how cool these tiny things really are!

A hit with the kids, but also the big ones as well….

In one night, they have already given us lots of belly laughs and provide some intriguing insights….

Ask the Unazukins anything and they will be your oracle!!!

I promise I will do a video of my three little poppets when the time allows….

This video is a good example but I think I can do better….

This is a Unazukin!

Today I love….Blythe Boutique

14 May

Australian based online store where you can buy Blythe dolls and related accessories, Unazukins and Ddung dolls.

Facebook | Blythe Boutique

Today I love….Scarfdujour on Etsy

7 May

Super cute items can be found in this shop!!!

Welcome To Scarfdujour by scarfdujour on Etsy

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