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Today I love…..Game Of Thrones…..who doesn’t?

26 Jul

Themes of fantasy and medieval times mixed in with family, love, kings and queens, the ties that bind, fear, things that go bump in the night, sex, sexy people, dragons, war and a whole lot of beheading as well my lord!

I have to say this is definitely my favourite TV series of all time; and I’ve only seen the first season!

Mind you, I now have in my possession the lovely “A Song of Ice and Fire” books 1-5 by George which the series is based on.

The series is also based on the books very well – almost word for word! It’s not a new book by any means; but something that someone should have definitely brought to my attention!

How did I find this series? I can’t even remember – neither can the Big Man but he loves it just as much as me!

My best friend saw the whole series before we had even a sniff of it so she was waaaaaay ahead of us! We also have the audio books 1-5 and are looking forward to those as well!


I can’t show you too many pics….cos I will wreck it for you if you have not seen it…..


Medieval times…..I am sure I must have lived in them at some time!! I love, love, love this series for the costumes, the attention to detail, the dialogue and the characters. The actors are wonderful; pretty much none of whom I have seen before.

So I ask you….if you don’t like or LOVE The Game of Thrones….why the hell not!!!???

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