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Today I love…Man Bags….

25 Aug

My man needs a man bag….what about yours???

Oh, that’s not my man….oopsie!!! But it IS a nice MAN…oh…bag….

The problem is….I can’t (for the life of me) find ANY good ones out there!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Punk Boy City Bag at Zappos.com

1. Laptop bag, Gap

2. Small bag,  Asos.com

3 & 4. Leather bags, Mango

Shopaholic Man Bags

I like this one….but Oh-Oh…$$$

Then…Jackpot baby!!!

Sherry Stein Bags

But also very $$$…..Boo Hoo…..the man bag hunt is still on….

If you find one better then these, PLEASE let me know!!!


Today I love….Under-estimating the eating power of Amen….

21 Aug

“I wanna take a minute or two and give much respect to….a man who’s made a difference in my world….”

“Whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty, mighty good man!!”

“Yes my man says he loves me, never says he loves me not….”

But guess what? He is THE biggest carnivore I have ever known…and that is saying something considering I lived with 5 big growing males at one time in my life….so here is the ultimate menu for my Mr. Big….I hope you have already eaten…please do not look at this post if you are hungry!!! :0

Appetizer – Ribs

Entree – Pizza

Main course – Pasta

Dessert….ice cream, of course….

I know….this is definitely not Mr. Bigs’ style…but it is sooo good I just had to share!!

This is more to his taste…..



All images courtesy We Heart It unless otherwise specified….

Today I love….Turning your light off….

16 Aug


I keep turning Mr. Bigs’ light off!

What the hell? I hear you say….

Let me explain….

At some point in my life….(we’ll just blame my thrifty pom Mother for this influence!)….

I have been taught to always turn the light off when leaving a room….so every now and again, I leave the room and turn the light off when Mr. Big is still there and leave him sitting in the dark! He is not very impressed at all….but I just can’t help it! Tonight after being left in the dark, he said to me – “Thanks for that”, so I walked off and thought he was giving me a compliment for something! As I said, oopsie!!!

To my Mr. Big, I sincerely apologise for all the other times I will definitely turn off your light!!!

This is kinda the reverse of how some people can’t close doors after they enter them – in aussie land we call this being born in a tent!

What do you do unconsciously???

All images courtesy We Heart It

Today I love….Sliding Doors

16 Aug

Why did my life turn out this way?

Don’t get me wrong – the problem isn’t that I am not happy – I believe I am very happy….and I am thankful for my life….I am (reasonably) healthy, employed and loved, well housed, fed and clothed….I don’t actually want for much at all!

When I was growing up, I always envisaged that I would be in a different place to where I am now….

For instance….by time my Mother was my age, she had an 8 year old daughter (me) and another baby imminently due! (my brother)….of course times change….

Me, on the other hand….no children of my own (yet) but I do help look after Mr. Bigs’ kids every 2nd weekend and school holidays etc. and they are a lovely little handful of joy!!!

We do have plans however…

I thought I would have travelled the world….

I thought I would have bought 1 (if not 2) house(s) and/or made my dream home into dreamy spaces….

I thought I would have made a career for myself (not just a job!) and found my niche in the world…..I always thought I was here to make a difference in others lives….

I can’t help myself thinking….what if?

I have some regrets, yes….but what if I had taken that job?

What if that boyfriend didn’t dump me?

What if I had taken that choice instead of this one?

What if I had taken that road instead of this one?

What if someone had told me all those years ago, how hard it was going to be for me to own my own home…would I have listened? I like to think so….but I am probably kidding myself!

So now, I have some work to do….by the time I am 40 I have some things that I simply must do! So, I’ll need to write my list of things to do before 40 very soon! Stay tuned for that post!

I need to achieve…..I need to find my purpose in life and I need to be happy with the path I am on and I need to love, love, love myself again and not feel like such a failure all of the time….

I also want to know….what would you have told your younger self?

Today I love….lovely lamb (Glamping recipe)

8 Aug

Get some lovely, lovely lamb from your lovely local butcher….

Ask that lovely shopkeeper for some ‘souvlaki‘ meat or maybe lamb backstraps if they decide to look at you like you have two heads….

In the morning after your yummy bacon and egg or pancake glamping breakfast, grab that lamb and marinade it for the day……season it with some ground paprika, lemon juice, and dried oregano and a splash of the good ole olive oil and then soak that lamb baby for the arvo while you go exploring/fishing/bike riding/bird-watching……

Skewer that lamb when you get back from the lovely wilderness and baste it in the liquid – keep a bit for later on and seal and wrap your meat up in foil….cook it over your fire….not too close! Over hot rocks is best and cook that baby for about 45 mins per kg. Unwrap it and cook till the outside is crispy and golden brown….

Serve your deliciousness sliced and dressed with lemon juice and wrap it in a pita bread either whole or split in two for the little munchkins with sliced red or brown (white) onion, sliced  (cherry ones are the best for this) and shredded lettuce and get yourself some tabouli if you are really feelin’ fancy!  (Let me know if you want my tabouli recipe too folks!) Dress this little wrap of wuvly goodness with a mix of crushed garlic – hit it with at least 2-3 cloves or 5 if you are daring….and a tub of greek yogurt….

Do it like this to share it round the campfire!!!

You can also boil/steam some little potatoes cut into slices – (but I personally like quarters = more crispy sides!!), and then fry them in a pan till crispy and you have your own home made chippies to go with it!!!

Like these:

Salad + meat + chips = YUMMY warm glamping food!!!!

Today I love….Donut Baths

8 Aug

So the little munchkins are back for the weekend and guess what little special treat I had in store for them???

A donut bath!!! Not the pastry kind silly!!! This kind….fizzers!!!

But then…I found the bath bombs below that reveal toy Fried Foods and Sweet Donuts. Kinda like a Kinder Surprise!!! But in water….

So I found these little wonders and I realised that I TOO am missing out on the fun of a donut bath!!!

But, where to find these down under???!!!

‘Happy Bath Time’ Bubbling Bath Bombs

Or you can just stick to the good ole donut soap!!!

Today I love….Mini Nerds

5 Aug

Loooooook what just landed in my lap!!!

Thanks Mr. Wonka and special thanks to my spunky Mr. Big!!!

I couldn’t resist sharing these little cuties with you…

Today I love….Puffing Billy & Mini Monsters

26 Jul

Oh what fun we had at Puffing Billy!

“Puffing Billy – one of Victoria’s most popular tourist attractions. Manned mostly by volunteers, the old train chugs through the Dandenong Ranges, from Belgrave to Gembrook and back again, every day (except Christmas day and on days of total fire ban). This trestle bridge, at Selby, is a popular place for photographs.”

Puffing Billy Lakeside Park

It was a very icy day but Mr. Big and I both agreed that it was the best time to go as you get to see the beauty of the land and a whole lot of steam coming out of that train!!!

You also get a chance to buy nice hot drinks along the way and then when you get home you definitely have a love affair going on with your heater!!!

I want to go and do their Luncheon special one day….it is a little pricey but I am sure it would be worth it and I’ll be putting it on the wishlist!!! The boys loved it, my back didn’t appreciate the two hours of rickety travel….but it was worth  it!

A little later in the afternoon, look what I found growling around my house!!

Today I love….Cutting my own hair a la Kandee Johnson

16 Jul

Kandee Johnson….I love, love, love you!!!

Ladies, this woman seriously rocks….get on her now!!! Well, and you guys too who are so beauty inclined….

Kandee Johnson is a freelance make-up artist who has a humungous following on you tube and also other social networks – I can’t recall how I found her – but this is the video that inspired me to cut my own hair….

Mr. Big tells me my effort is not good at all….well, I didn’t quite achieve the side swept look – my hair is too curly!

It just went ‘zip’ when I cut it and it jumped upwards! Oopsies…..

Anyhoo….I’ll get you all a pic soon don’t you worry!

Unfortunately I have multiple photo opportunites occurring on the weekend and hence will have to suffer the BAD haircut photos!!

Yes, my pretties, you shall all be witness to the pleasure of the humiliation as well….you stay tuned now!!

Today I love….NMAA cooks

6 Jul

This little gem of a book was in my household and used regularly when I was growing up…..

My Mum used to make a lovely fudge from this book for me and my brother and I used to sit and watch movies and eat (read: devour) it!

Now, every time I see the movie Dumbo, I can taste this the flavour of this fudge in my mouth and it is so so easy to make!

Here is my (and Mum’s of course) edited version of the recipe:

Creamy Toffee

It’s fudge to me!


  • 125g Butter
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 Tbsp Golden Syrup
  • 1 can condensed mik
  • Vanilla essence to taste
  1. Melt butter, add sugar, syrup and milk. Boil slowly and cream with a wooden spoon for 20-25 minutes.
  2. Add vanilla essence and cook for 1 min.
  3. Pour onto a plate or into a tin to set in fridge.
  4. Cut and enjoy!

Today I love….I Heart Guts

2 Jul

UterusLungsHeartStomachLiverBladderSpleenPancreasBrainGall BladderKidneyIntestine

Well, this is interesting…can you guess which organs are shown above?

See the pic at the end of the post here to see if you are correct!

My attention was brought to this site after seeing “The Good Ol’ Menstrual Cycle Poster”

I love, love, love it and will just have to get my own copy to give Mr. Big a little heads up every now and again!

Such cute little plushies and other fun stuff for sale on the site….I love the testicle plushy name – “Having a ball”

I Heart Guts is the brainchild of an anatomically obsessed illustrator who loves internal organs and all they do. Founded in 2005, our little family operation heh, heh, heh..ugh strives to offer the best in stoopid slogans paired with happy gloppy guts. We like to think of the Guts as what you might find inside a dissected Hello Kitty. The guts grew from a single drawing of a broken heart, after a string of bad hookups, dead-end relationships and lame-o boyfriends. At the time, I was also doing a lot of drinking and smoking, so a sad liver and bummed-out lung followed. Years later, my wonderful husband wondered, “Why don’t you do something with those darned guts?” via About I Heart Guts « I Heart Guts

Oh, so fun and educational for the big and little kiddies everywhere….

Today I love….Tamberrah Cottages

29 Jun

Last weekend, I got to visit my lovely friends in Paynesville (yes, it was freeeeezing!) and we took a drive out to Tamberrah Cottages.

The photo above simply does not do the place justice. It was beautifully laid out and if it was a nicer day I could have sat there all afternoon. We will have to go back when they are open for dinner one night next time I am down there.

I think I will have to seriously consider that I begin saving my pennies as this is a perfect place for a wedding! (No, folks there is nothing on the cards but I’ll need to start saving now anyway!) If you are looking for a wedding venue, you won’t be disappointed here!

Nestled on three acres of gardens with a beautiful trout filled, stone-walled lake spanned by a charming foot bridge. Quality and comfort are apparent from the time you approach the entry. With a magnificent hand cut post and rail fence, which draws you to the welcoming stonewall entry.

Tamberrah Cottages is the perfect location to use as a base to discover East Gippsland, the Lakes and Wilderness area, Alpine High Country and East Gippsland Rail Trail.

If you fancy a spot for a relaxing weekend away, then this is the place to be. Tamberrah Cottages is a beautiful location with three acres of landscaped gardens to enjoy.

We have our own Pizza Cafe and you can relax around the beautiful hand-crafted water wheel which overlooks a trout filled lake. Or enjoy coffee and cake – Devonshire Tea. If Pizza is not your fancy we have a fully equipped outdoor entertaining area with BBQ facilities.

All of our cottages are fully self-contained, with TV, DVD players, for those cosy nights to enjoy with wine and chocolates that are provided. Many couples have celebrated their wedding vows with family and friends in this tranquil setting. For a delightful weekend away, come and see for yourself.

via Tamberrah Cottages – Tambo Upper.

Today I love….Manuka Honey Balm

24 Jun

Yes folks!

Miracles can and do happen….

Mr. Big came home from work the other night and told me about his mates’ girlfriend who uses Manuka Honey to control her eczema.

Background info: I have been an eczema sufferer on various parts of my body all of my life and just in the past month or two, I have had it worse than ever and now it is uncontrollable and everywhere all over my body!

I was getting to the point where I was resigned to my fate of having to control the eczema on my hands and that was ok I could just cope with that…then I get this horrible flare up everywhere!

I have therefore been forced to try everything and resort to desperate measures…..So after Mr. Big conveyed this information to me, one of these desperate measures we now undertake on a nightly basis is coating the affected area with Manuka Honey and walking around sticking to my clothing all evening. Very uncomfortable and quite irritating to the skin as well. Stuff that! But, it worked. Even after a day, I could see the improvement and then after 3 days it is almost all gone!

Then after googling the benefits of Manuka Honey, I found a wonderful product that seems to do the same thing without all the stickyness of the honey! HOORAY!

Honey you can wear…..

I am in the process of becoming a distributor for this wonderful product so that i can bring some relief to other poor skin suffering people like myself! So, if you want to purchase, please send me an email or leave a comment below…..you can also of course, buy directly from the manufacturer online.

This quote below SOLD it for me…..

“The eczema on my body is 90% gone and I have only been using

Manuka Honey Balm for two weeks. It is so comfortable to wear.”

A new formula, one with layers of activity through micro science, brings you  this living product like a liquid skin.
• Anywhere you want new skin, apply Manuka Honey Balm
• Manuka Honey Balm is “Honey You Can Wear”
• For total skin resuscitation
It is a light, easy to wear balm that hydrates the skin like no other product. We use only Active Manuka Honey and Jelly Bush Honey, organic and pure unheated liquid gold from the hive.
Honey is the most powerful skin repairer known to man. Honey has powerful
skin preserving properties.



Now you can apply Manuka Honey Balm and get dressed for work or wear it to bed at night … no residue, it completely absorbs.

The Active Manuka Honey will be working 24 hours a day to resuscitate and support your needy skin.

There is
Cream Like It

Active Jellybush Honey is our Australian equivalent to the
New Zealand Active Manuka Honey.
We add to this pure unheated oils of Apricot Kernels, almonds, with a blend of rare and precious essential oils known for their antiviral and antibacterial properties.
Manuka Honey Balm is a beautiful every day face moisturiser
to keep your skin in excellent condition
Why is the Balm so popular?
Manuka Honey Balm
It aids in the treatment of skin conditions such as wrinkles, sunspots, acne, psorasis, eczema, dermatitis, fungal infections, itchy scalp …
Manuka Honey Balm
Your skin soaks it up, leaving no residue.
Manuka Honey Balm
It’s fantastic to use as an everyday skin enhancer and health guardian.
Manuka Honey Balm is the Only
“Honey You Can Wear”
“… 90% improvement in my itchy, flaky, dry skin in two weeks
and I am still on my first bottle”

Carolyn Gould Tweed Heads

Today I love….Launceston Roman Baths Health Spa

23 Jun

This place is definitely Launceston’s BEST kept secret!

I travelled to Tasmania a long time ago and somehow found these baths while I was there. We only got to vist them twice but oh my what a lasting experience it left on me! Now, I just have to plan another trip there soon with Mr.Big so I can go again!!

I have very bad skin so this place really does wonders for me – maybe I should move to Tassie? Cheap housing!! Hmmmmmm…..

About Roman Baths

Adorned with works of art and exquisite Italian marble, Roman Baths are the ultimate in luxury and relaxation – a pleasure to behold as well as a delightful tonic to revitalise and revive – The Romans developed a very sophisticated process by which a person entered a number of hot rooms and afterwards followed this by bathing in warm and hot baths before a cold plunge. The Roman Baths in Launceston has recreated this experience using technology of the 21st century.

Indulge in the sheer delight of the warm waters of the Tepidarium or the hot waters of the Caldarium with their therapeutic healing qualities and soothing jet massages.

These three marble hot rooms, kept at different temperatures, were devised by the Romans over 2000 years ago. They completely relax the body and mind, bringing relief to many aches and pains, especially benefiting sinus and other similar complaints.

Your experience begins with the Hot Rooms…

Starting at a modest temperature of about 54C°, the body begins to relax and gradually becomes used to the warmth. In the next room the temperature rises to about 68C° causing the body to perspire copiously and relax. This chamber features the Labrum, a large white marble bowl, containing warm water to splash on the body from time to time, which was a favourite practice of the Romans.

After a few minutes the bather then moves to a very hot air room where the temperature increases to over 80C°. This completely relaxes the body, bringing relief to many aches and pains, benefiting sinus and other similar complaints. After a time the process is reversed and the bather then showers and moves to the sweating room where the warm marble slabs and humid atmosphere open the pores to cleanse the whole body. Now we move to the baths themselves…….

The first of our pools is a 20m swimming pool at a comfortable temperature of 32C°, situated in the Temple, decorated with statues, marble and classical wall reliefs. Also in this pool we have a sofa and thrones for the enjoyment of the air jets that cycle through the pools as well as water jets strategically placed for the relief of aching and tired muscles.

Then we have two smaller baths. The first at 39C° is filled from waterfalls from a marble grotto and a free fall cascade and contains more underwater air beds and thrones. The next is a pleasant cooler spa that massages your back and spine for the relief of aches and pains, completing the cycle.

via About Roman Baths — Roman Baths Health Spa Launceston Tasmania.

Today I love…..Oh so many things….

10 Jun

Today I love, love, love….

  1. Coming home to a cold and empty house and putting the heater on full bore
  2. Watching SATC2 and drinking cocktails with my girls (Oh, and the Gold Laboutins from the opening scenes!)
  3. Listening to my dog and cat snore louder than the TV
  4. Eating hot vegemite toast in my dressing gown at midnight
  5. Burping louder than Mr. Big
  6. Laughing with my co-workers
  7. Being appreciated at work
  8. Playing my sims and trying not to kill them again (Baby training – lol)
  9. Being told I am loved
  10. Being told I am beautiful
  11. Being told – Call me anytime, I’ll come and pick you up!
  12. Having another glass of red
  13. Looking forward to trying out my new GOSH mousse makeup tomorrow
  14. Appreciating the beauty and workmanship in Ahcahcum Zukin Blythe
  15. Not un-boxing Ahcahcum Zukin Blythe = I don’t love her and I will sell her one day (WHEN I CAN….Junie Moon has disappointed me lately…another story)
  16. Masterchef
  17. My dreams….telling me a lot lately so I feel I need to sleep more to learn more = what is with that??
  18. Remembering that you need to validate the thingamabob to put through the doodaddy before you leave the shopping centre car park (wording thanks to BFF)
  19. Going up the car park again (from the exit) to validate said thingamabob
  20. Doing a little confused dance in front of the thingamabob machine trying to find the right hole to stick the thingamabob in
  21. Making my friends and Mr. Big laugh
  22. Not looking like the dumb people in front of us who had to reverse from the exit! Priceless…..

Is that enough for one day?

I know I have been absent from a la blog lately but as Arnie says darlings….


Love and hugs to you all……

and don’t let the bed bugs bite!

Today I love….boogie time in the car with a chef provided!

29 May

Salt and Pepper anyone?

(I actually have this set and love, love, love them!)

Anyway…..No, I don’t love boogers!!

Although I do get the unappealing experience of seeing them plenty enough lately….

But I definitely love, love, love,

boogie time in the car with the little munchkins!!!

Well, maybe one little munchkin….Mr. 7 is just too cool and perhaps not born to be a dancer I fear, ….poor little man….I believe every man needs to appreciate the groovy music and boogie down every now and again!

So, we are driving and Mr. 5 is getting down to the tunes and it even surprises me with the range and depth of different music that they either know or recognise….

Then, he starts dancing….

Which is much more truthfully described as arms and legs flailing madly but one little child who is completely and thoroughly enjoying the song on at the time. If this situation ever changes, we are both immediately told that Mr. 5 DOES NOT approve of this song and we are dutifully asked to change the tune….

And then a new song starts….

I know what it is,

I am quite sure Mr. Big knows what it is….

I reach to turn the radio up a little….

Mr. 5 wails “Don’t change this! I like this song!”

But…it’s “Another one bites the dust”….

How do you even know this damn song??

Everybody sing the chorus now….great song for the kiddies too….

Mr. Big and myself acknowledge and celebrate the fact that Mr. 5 is most definitely the dancing part of the offspring thus far produced and perhaps reflects the dancing talents of Mr. Bigs’ brother (another story altogether) but our Mr. 7 is at this point, completely and totally unimpressed with the shenanigans unfolding.

So then Mr. 7 drops the BOMB!!!

“Dad, I’ve been watching Masterchef and it’s great I really love it..tonight is Masterclass and it’s on at 7.30”

I must digress and provide you with a little background here….

Mr. Big completely and utterly hates and detests Masterchef…he only watched it for the 1st time this year because I forced him to…. he seemed to like it at the start and I secretly said “Bingo!”.

Then he came home one night and said Masterchef again?? I replied yes, of course, it’s on every single week night…and henceforth he hated it…and still does…I’ve told him he should most definitely encourage a 7 year old to like this sort of television, (and not just for my own reasons!) – it teaches the kiddies soooo much about food, patience, teamwork and individual strengths! Especially Masterclass!

So, back to the car…I was chuffed…Mr. 5 wants to dance with me and Mr. 7 wants to watch Masterchef with me and Mr. Big just wants to love me….

So I think I’m doing pretty damn well fitting into this little family I have found….everybody say awwwwwwww…..

Today I love….Sex And The City In 60 Seconds

27 May

For lovers of SATC and also those who are not….

Quite a funny send up I’ve found here….and pretty spot on!!

Ahhhhhh if only we actually could have our Cosmos served in Blahniks…..

The High Definite » Sex And The City In 60 Seconds

Today I love….My awesome homemade salsa!!!

19 May

I could eat da Mexican food every day!!!

Most likely for breakfast, lunch AND dinner….

So I’ve had to learn how to make my own salsa properly….I just had to because I love love love the stuff so much!

Oh, yes and da Margaritas!!! All day thanks….

Anyway, tonight was taco night (again = yay!)

So I made da salsa….

Mr. Big had already devoured one taco by the time I got to take a pic of his!

(And the Unazukin say – Yes!! Double Yes!!)

If you want the recipe, you have to comment!

I need to know you’re out there….

Today I love….Dogs Balls!!

16 May

Oooooh and ahhhhh………..

Our puppies are just so precious!!!

So Mr. Bigs’ family has a puppy….a 6 month old border collie x staffy…..

Here she is at six weeks….

The puppy is not very well trained, but he belongs to Mr. Bigs’ older brother and THAT is another story altogether….

Anyway, the puppy – Samantha (yes, a very nice name for a very lovely dog)

has discovered that the round squishy thing

gets thrown again and again and again when it gets returned and given back to the human thing….

After a while this distracting and never-ending process all starts to wear on Mr.Bigs’ poor Ma who does the chores of  Mr. Bigs’ brother – diligently loving, feeding, walking, playing with and training Samantha the princess (read/edit= tart) and who will also throw and throw and throw the ball for the dog when it is returned.

So this evening while sharing cuppas, chats and fun with the family and dramas (another story, stay tuned….) with the little munchkins,

I questioned Mr. Bigs’ Mother regarding the number of tennis balls present

on the table before us both….

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6!!???

Eventually I discover that she has had enough and is totally over throwing the ball, so said ball gets placed on the table and is retired.

Samantha disappears out to the back yard and returns in a few minutes with another tennis ball.

Said ball is placed on the table and hence is now in retirement.

This process is repeated numerous times.

We now have the 6 balls in retirement on the table.

We are then made aware of the presence of a

(complete whole and full!!!)

bucket of balls sitting in the back yard shed where Samantha is returning to and gaining her pleasure from!

The poor puppy eventually gives up and realises that play time is now over.

But a very funny and jovial time was had with some dogs balls today!!!

I really don’t think play time is ever over for puppies….And it shouldn’t be I say!!!

My poor puppy who is now 12 years old is still totally kicking it

(albeit quite tired lately!)

but I dread and will be so damn sad when

the day comes where I will never have his balls on my table again.

Love you wongtime (eternity) my wittle Jeffy……

Today I love….Popcorn and Willy Wonka

1 May

Now is the time to snuggle up with the little munchkins on the couch

in front of the heater to watch Willy Wonka and


The popcorn…..

they love it and oh whoops so do I!!

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