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Today I love….Ultra Loop Bootie

21 Sep

Hey there baby!
(Say ‘Hey’ like Fonzie please folks! = ‘Aaaayyy’….)
Carbon fibre shoes…beat that!!!
Ultra Loop Bootie Charcoal + Champagne
Am I just simply stunning or what???

Ultra Loop Bootie Charcoal + Champagne

Ultra Loop Bootie Charcoal + Champagne

Ultra Loop Bootie Charcoal + Champagne

Ultra Loop Bootie Charcoal + Champagne

Ultra Loop Bootie
Charcoal + Champagne

The Ultra Loop Bootie is a revolutionary shoe silhouette formed by dramatically molding ultra lightweight and ultra strong carbon fiber to enable an extreme heel construction. The design is based on a simple concept of penetration: a floating foot-bed slips through a sexy loop, functioning as both heel and upper.

Heel Height – 130mm/5.1″

Ultra Loop Bootie Charcoal + Champagne

And from the master himself, courtesy of ELLE:

“ELLE:  Have you ever walked around in your heels to make sure they’re comfortable?”

“I tried a size 43 Sharpei boots that we made especially for a friend. I think without any high heel experience anyone suffers. To ensure the comfort of our shoes we have a series of size 38 fitting models, including my wife.”

From here

Awesome, hey?


Today I love….Shellac Take FOUR….

20 Sep

I’ve had the Shellac now since take one folks….you can find those posts here#1 and here#2 and here#3….

I didn’t like the colours I got from take two and take three…there were just blah….maybe mixed with the others they may liven up but not to my liking at all – however…the other colours seriously rock and are so damn shiiiiiiiny you will NOT believe it people!!!

All just for you….my loyal bloggie readers…..

So now…..I know you are waiting for this one!!

I present to you – TAKE FOUR!!!

All thanks to the lovely, luscious and leggy ladies at Buff Me Up – Thornbury…

How much do ya love it???

As much as me?? YAY for Shellac!!! …… 🙂

Today I love….Kapai Puku

31 Jul

Yes, I am speaking English folks….

“One handful of Kapai Puku® may contain nearly five hundred individual life units, their capacity to promote your health and life are second to none.”

So I have been recently diagnosed with fatty liver infiltration….

I am 170cm tall and 71 kgs and am really not an ‘overweight’ person and I don’t really ‘feel’ overweight (only on some days!) but I must admit I am carrying a little extra bread rolls around my waist!

I can tell this because all of my old pants fit my legs and butt but not my waist!

Apparently I am the sort of person who puts on weight around their middle area only….I believe this is called an android body type….apparently liver problems can cause eczema and psoriasis so I believe this is also why my skin has been so bad lately….

So a while ago before I had this problem we tried a sample of a product at a market and it was called Kapai Puku….this stuff looks like bird seed (sorry folks!)….but I must admit it tasted bloody great!! It was mixed with milk and dried fruit – maybe sultanas and pear or paw paw…

So, on my new health kick I am of course on the hunt for this stuff….stay tuned for the results of the Kapai Puku!!!

This dude from Tour De France tips believes it is the wonder food as well!

“Here’s the deal with Kapai Puku. It’s epic. Epicly healthy. I eat it every day. Blows nearly every other cereal out of the water.”

You try going into a store or calling someone and asking for this stuff while keeping a straight face!

Go on you try and say it!!!

Today I love….Creative Nail Design Shellac

21 Jul

Everybody say HOORAY for Creative Nail!!!

I have worked for and used Creative Nail a very long time ago and they were always a quality, long lasting and easy to apply product.

Now they have set the benchmark way above all the other nail polishes out on the market….the Creative Nail Shellac goes on like polish, dries under a UV lamp and then lasts for 2 weeks – flawlessly!!! No chips, no smudges and best of all the polish is ‘3 free’ – this is THE best news for me as now I can finally paint my nails again! (eczema = can’t wear nail polish) – so Creative Nail Design – today I super dooper LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you!!!

I am getting my first application on Saturday so stay tuned for the pics and my review of the product folks….which colour should I get though!!!???

“Like any quality polish application, the Shellac system features a Base Coat, Color Coat and Top Coat. Together with a UV Lamp, they comprise the breakthrough in resilient color that remains flawless for two weeks and removes in 10 minutes.

“Better science makes better products. The patent-pending formulation of solvents, monomers and polymers is why Shellac™ goes on like polish, wears like gel and removes in minutes. Plus it’s hypo-allergenic and 3-FREE… containing no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP.”

“Shellac—stands miles apart from others in the market with the science and testing to back it up. Nail Professionals that participated in more than 4 years of controlled, blind testing said unanimously—there’s no comparison—not even close!”

Meet the Colors – CND

Today I love….Wally

20 Jul

I want to drive my plants up the wall!!!

“Drive your plants up the wall with Wally!

Create an instantly lush vertical garden and experience the magical fun of plants in any environment.”

They also produce Meadow – The Modular Garden….

“Put roots down and create a nurturing home for a family of plants.

Great for the budding urban farmer or flower aficionado”

As well as Islands….

“Create of splish-splash of colorful life anywhere, even in the tinniest of spaces.
Islands are perfect for your office, dorm room or yacht!”


Today I love….Edible.com

20 Jul

Okey Dokey folks – Who wants to make some Hornet Honey Aioli???

“Edible aims to bring you delicacies that you may never have considered or perhaps seen before, whether it be recreations of ancient aphrodisiacs consumed in the court of Queen Cleopatra, Insects eaten by the street traders of Phnom Penh or more sedate but equally interesting fayre such as rare chewing gum from Japan with unique weird and wonderful flavours to rare chocolate, teas or coffees found by our epicurean explorers around the globe.”

Check out their departments!

Insectivore – edible insects like Locusts and Beetles and oh, wait people – it’s an oven baked Tarantula!!!….

Aphrodisiacs – products like a 24 carat gold lollipop (gimmee, gimmee!!!), Scorpion Vodka and pearl dust….

Carnivore – meat and fish products like crocodile thai curry, reindeer pate (excuse me??!!) and ostrich eggs….Masterchef THAT baby!!!

Herbivore – fruits, nuts and vegetarian products like weasel and civet coffee and monkey picked tea – wow!!! Are they battery monkeys or free range I wonder?

Herbs and Spices – Wild Black Vanilla Bean Pods….

The English Garden Collection (What? For some sanity here??) – Nope – it’s Worm Gin!!!

Apothecary – Skincare range – Monkey Picked Tea Wash and Scorpion Extract Wash….

Happy Shopping!!!

About « Edible.com

Today I love….Being Overcharged and How to do the save per trip rule….

23 Jun

Ok, so I don’t really love being overcharged….

Then again….you might agree with me after you read this…..

So, I’m doing the boring old food shopping yesterday and after paying for my purchases, I peruse the receipt (as I am thinking like “How can it get to so much $? I only bought 5 things” – though this is quite usual; I always do/think this!)

And lo and behold I have been charged twice for my $1.50 bag of potatoes!

How dare they?

Then I think oh, it’s only a measly $1.50??

What’s the point of going back and making a fuss to get my hard earned money back from the lovely checkout chick???

I am then transported back to the time when I used to buy something regularly (lets say once a week at least) for the price of $11. Across the road from the shop I normally visit, was a specialist store containing the exact same item for only $10!

I therefore deduced that if I stopped being lazy and crossed the road once a week to buy the cheaper item, in ten weeks I would have saved $10 which would effectively provide me with a free item!

$1 x 10 weeks of crossing the road = $10!

I call this my ‘save per trip’ which is similar to the ‘cost per wear’ rule!

So, back to the potatoes, I was about to walk off and forget about my $1.50 then I thought to myself – if I do this ten times, I will have effectively lost $15!

Right back to the counter I marched and successfully scored my $ back.

Think about it people….

If you have to travel a bit further to make a saving, just do it as I have proved that it will add up in the long run and save you money eventually…..


Today I love….Eizo X-ray Calendar by Butter

18 Jun

Hmmm, a little creepy and a little weird but totally fascinating!!!

Whoever thought of this is a genius!

And I love the detail showing the high heels in most of the pics….

Source: eizo_kalender.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object)

Today I love….Ozzy Osbourne

15 Jun

Go Ozzy, Go Ozzy, Go Ozzy, Go!!!

The legendary rocker is going to become one of a few lucky people to get their entire genome mapped – (ie. his DNA – the genome is the entirety of an organism’s hereditary information. It is encoded in DNA. Source: Wikipedia)

To try and find out why he is still alive after about 40 years (!!!) of so much substance abuse!

I, for one am looking forward to seeing those results….the results could help prevent diseases and it is also hoped the results will provide insights into the way drugs are absorbed into the body.

On the other hand, he could actually be clinically dead already:

He has had rabies injections after biting the head off a live bat, he has a genetic disorder similar to Parkinson’s disease,  hewas committed to a mental institution and broke his neck in a quad bike accident after which he was placed in a chemically induced coma.

And from the man himself:

“You ain’t gonna see me reading the f—— weather report at the end of the day. I don’t really like doing TV. Sharon loves it – she’s found her niche in life – and the kids love it, too, but I’m not a television guy. I remember in the old days thinking, “Oh so and so’s sold out”, but it’s today’s medium. But I’m doing more work now at 62 than I did at 22.”

More info here:

Scientists to map Ozzy Osbourne’s genetic code to find out how he survived so much substance abuse

Today I love….Food dropped on the floor

24 May

I have a funny obsession with flow charts

I love making them,

I love following them and

I love laughing at the possibilities of them.

Flow charts can make your life so easy by making a decision for you or telling you which path to take!

This one is just brilliant!

We have a two second rule in our house that I may just extend to the five minute mark thanks to some ground breaking research from these dudes!

You Dropped Food on the Floor.Do You Eat It? – San Francisco Restaurants and Dining – SFoodie

Today I love…The Egg cuber

24 May

I have a serious case of deja vu here…..

I am so sure I have seen one of these before –

Whether it was at my house or grandparents or great-grandparents I do not know….

I just had to share this lovely little vintage ad with you all…..

I don’t remember how easy the egg was to remove…

but I would guess it would be pretty “HARD”!!!

Oh, ha ha I “cracked” myself up there….

OK I’ll stop it now….

Egg cuber

Today I love….’Artificial life’ breakthrough announced….

21 May

I’m excited!!! This is awesome stuff!!!

Our world has evolved yet again…..

Our grandparents probably thought they would never see THIS in their lifetime!!!

“Britain’s Daily Mail breaks up its report with a picture of Will Smith and says: “There are fears the research could be abused and lead to millions being wiped out by a plague like in the Will Smith film I Am Legend.”


Arnie, Will you be back???

BBC News – ‘Artificial life’ breakthrough announced by scientists

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