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Today I love….this puppy!

13 Jul

Everybody say AWWWWW…….

Inspiring images and videos recently added to we heart it / visual bookmark

Today I love….Weekly We Heart It wrap up

9 Jul

I just can’t get enough of these simply stunning photos…..

I could spend all day looking at all the lovely things on this site!!!

So, I hope you all love them just as much as me!

Source: Catrina on We Heart It

Today I love….Diana F+ CMYK

4 Jul

One little graphic designer that I know is just going to love, love, love this little beauty of a camera!

No, folks it’s not a toy – and yes, I want one too! Soooo cute and colourful!!!

Ooooh I just want to take her home today and put her lovely glitter shoes on and then take her out dancing!

The Diana F+ camera is exciting to use on its own, but why stop there? There are many options available to make your Diana F+ experience ever surprising and magical. Experiment with different image formats and use 35mm film with the Diana 35mm Back+. Change the way you see things with different lenses. Slice and dice with the Splitzer. These are available in special bundles so that you can splurge!

The perfect companion for all colour-lovin’ Diana fanatics!

The Diana F+ CMYK colours are accurately calibrated to honor the achievements of every graphic designer and every offset printer who can rough up cyan, magenta, yellow and black all day and night. This is also the reason why you can find tiny coffee cups as distance setting symbols.

– Uses all types of 120mm medium format film
– Produces ultra-dreamy, soft-focus, vignetted medium-format photos
– Can also be used with 35mm film (with the Diana 35mm Back)


Today I love….the easiest pumpkin soup ever….

4 Jul

One from the olde recipe file….

The only thing I don’t love, love, love about this soup is chopping the skin off the pumpkin at the start – me = no muscle power to chop any big heifer pumpkins!!!


  • Pumpkin – half a medium size jap and a whole butternut pumpkin – seeds and skin removed – chopped into largish chunks or hey – just what ever you have on hand/left over from last night’s roast dinner etc…
  • 1 onion – quartered
  • 1 or 2 carrots chopped into small chunks
  • Keens Curry powder – 1 tsp or to taste
  • Sour cream
  • Fresh chopped parsley
  • Hot, crispy, crunchy bread rolls to serve
  1. Put all the vegies in a large pot and cover with water. Make sure you will have enough room left to wizz in the saucepan when you are done – ie. use a LARGE saucepan!
  2. Boil until the carrot is cooked.
  3. Add curry powder.
  4. Remove from heat and wizz it all together with a stick blender.
  5. Serve in bowls topped with a dollop of sour cream and sprinkled with fresh parsley.
  6. I like to halve and then toast my bread rolls, add a slice of cheese, top with a freshly cooked rasher of bacon and whack them under the grill for 2 mins to melt the cheese and then I proceed to dip this wonderful bread concoction into my soup!

It’s just simply DIVINE people! Get on it now!!!

    Today I love….Snow White

    3 Jul

    A classic Disney movie….still good for boys (I think??) and girls these days….

    It goes without saying that I loved, loved, loved the movie when I was a child….along with Mum’s homemade fudge (very old NMAA recipe – stay tuned), strawberry mallow mousse (ditto) and Dumbo, Bambi, Lady & The Tramp….oooh and Mummas fish with mashed potato and teaching my little bro how to use the computer (even tho now he is smarter than me with them – oh yeah it’s called computer, not fashion school oopsies)

    Anyhoooooo…..this little moment of photography love is inspired by this little munchkin….

    I am sure you all think she is just as cute as I do….

    So I just couldn’t resist sharing these other lovely gems with you all….enjoy!!!

    Old skool….

    A modern take….

    A realistic take….

    A fashionable Snow White….

    Snow White in Hell….

    All images courtesy We Heart It

    Today I love….Great Big Ice Cream Cone

    3 Jul

    I want, want, want one of these!!!

    Although I don’t think Mr. Big will approve now that the children and himself shall be moving into my residence…hmmmm although I could….make it out like a really cool groovy night light (that is mine!) that they can use in their room and then I can see it all the time and love, love, love it and all of it’s pink luscious-ness!!!

    This photo on We Heart It made me want to find one all for me!

    Now, I just need to find the matching giant pink lipstick to go with it….

    These are BIG ones at 28 inches high. That’s right…over 2 feet tall!

    They are wonderful decorations to add to any child’s room. Other great uses include display in game rooms, restaurants, in the kitchen or even the kid’s room!  They are made of sturdy unbreakable plastic. The lamp style includes a UL approved cord with an on/off switch and the light bulb.

    Great Big Ice Cream Cone : Giant Ice Cream Cone

    These are a few of my favourite things – Part 4 – Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels

    2 Jul

    I love ponies…..

    Mmmmm, hot apple streudels…..Yum, yum, yum and especially in the cold part of the world that I reside in right now….

    All images courtesy We Heart It

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