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Today I love….Shellac Photos and Update….

23 Jul

Well I hate to say it folks, I love, love, love my new fingernails but my hands are itchy!!!

Now let’s remember this could be forĀ  number of reasons….

I gave my cat some love tonite (I am allergic to cats – yeah I know = silly me! That’s another story), the leftover powder/chemicals on the nail salon table that has got on to my hands and not washing my hands straight after the treatment to remove any of this, stress (always a factor!)….

Let’s not get too excited now….let’s just all cross our fingers and our toes that all will be fine!!!

I’ll keep you posted!!!

Doncha just love, love, love my colour???!!!

Here is my dodgy picture of my new CND Shellac Nails! It took 40 mins….in and out girls!!! Get on it NOW!!!

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